IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3 Topic: Describe an interesting song

Topic: Describe an interesting song

Unlike my friends, I love folk music because every song is a story that is told by music. The Marvelous Toy of Peter, Paul and Marry band is an interesting song for children that I’ve ever listened to.

Peter, Paul and Mary is an American folk group formed in 1961. Actually, “The Marvelous Toy” is not the hit of this band. However, for me, its lyrics is very innocent that brings me back to my childhood, a beautiful period in my life. The story begins when a little boy received a toy, which became his “heart’s delight”. The sound from the toy made him curious. When it moved, it went “zip”. When it stopped, its sound was “bop” while “whirr” was the sound when it stood still. He was excited about exploring that toy.

Peter, Paul and Marry performed that song in a very funny way. They made the sound “zip, bop, and whirr” by their mouths so the song is very lively and brings a very relaxing feelings for audiences.


To bring SO back to my childhood (v) to remind SO of their childhood memories

To be excited about Sth (v) to be interested in Sth, to be into Sth


1. What do old people like to listen to ?

I think elderly people love to listen to classical music. The lyrics of those songs are deeply emotional that is hard for young generations to understand completely. Other than that, the  rhythm is pretty slow. Listening to those songs will recall their memories about a period of time when they were young.


To recall (v) to remember Sth happened in the past, usually memories

2. How would your grandfather feel if you gave him some hip hop music to listen to?

It would be quite shocking to him, I think. My father is a professor; thus, he is pretty strict and told us to listen to instrumental music or at least the lyrics that make sense. Therefore, I guess he would not be pleased with my hip hop taste because they contain inappropriate messages related to sex, drugs or discrimination which are not suitable for youngster.


To make sense (v) to have certain meaning

Youngster (n) the young

3. Why do you think old people like old songs?

Obviously, old songs were composed in their generations. When elderly people listen to those songs, they will serve as a memento of the memories about their first love or a period of life, for example.

4. Why do you think people of different age groups have different favourite songs?

First, the older we get, the more different our mindset will change. Therefore, the taste of music also change in accordance to age. For example, children love to listen to simple songs with repeated lyrics and fun melody while adults have a wide range of choices such as rock, R&B, country, pop, etc. Second, for adults, music is not only a means of entertainment but it also help ease stress and emotions. Thus, they need songs with meaningful and touching lyrics.


In accordance to (phrase) along with

A wide range of (phrase) many choices are available

Means of Sth (uncountable nouns: transportation, entertainment, etc.) (phrase) to be used as a tool of Sth

To help do Sth (v) to assist

5. What kinds of music do (small) children in your country like to listen to ?

In the past decade, most children were taught traditional folk songs in nurseries and kindergartens. Those are simple songs composed specifically for them. However, thanks to the popularity of technology, particularly internet and Ipad, children could easily access to different websites to enjoy music. Significantly, they tend to listen to English songs. Therefore, children’s taste in music has been slowly changing.


Thanks to Sth (phrase) Positivity results from Sth

To (get/gain) access to Sth (v) to connect with Sth, to approach Sth

6. What are the differences between popular music and the music that (young) children like to listen to ?

Popular music are songs mostly for adults because the contents are mostly inappropriate for children such as love or relationships. On the other hand, music for children is more innocent in terms of simple topics like family, friends or daily activities which have educated meaning. Moreover, the lyrics are short, catchy and easy for children to memorise.


In terms of (phrase) speaking about

To be catchy (adj) easy to remember

7. Why do you think some people like to play instruments in the open?

There are many reasons for someone to perform instruments in front of the crowd. I’ve seen many people who play instruments in train stations or on the street. Money is what they expect, obviously. However, how can they play without their passion and motivation? For example, I met a man, who played guitar in a station. He shared with me that he and his friends have passion to create an organization for homeless children where they could learn to play musical instruments. Therefore, performing in the open can attract people and this helps to boost the program effectively.


To boost (v) to increase, to enhance

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