IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3 Topic: Describe a piece of equipment in your home

Topic: Describe a piece of equipment in your home

You should say:

What it is

How often you use it

Who you usually use it with

And explain why this item is important to you

The past few years is the golden era of advanced technology, and I suppose household appliances is no exception. I’m going to describe the refrigerator as a household equipment that I find most useful for my family.

My mom loves cooking and she’s actually a good cook. She’s mainly responsible for shopping for healthy food and cooking scrumptious meal for all of us. And as a matter of fact, our refrigerator is essential when it comes to food storage. Its size is perfect for the corner area in our kitchen, yet big enough to store a large amount of food for the whole family. We keep the vegetables and certain kinds of fruits at the bottom, whereas the leftovers are kept on top. And some cakes that are made by my mom are kept cold in the middle. As regards my family meals, fresh meat and seafood is a must. In particular I cannot go a day without a single piece of pork or beef. Thus, the fridge has always done a great job of keeping the meat and seafood fresh all the times. Besides, ice cream bought by my dad every two to three weeks is also stored in the same freezer.

Refrigerator is a wonderful technological invention I must say. It is an indispensable appliance for almost every household. Since the country possesses tropical weather and particularly quite high outside temperature these days, it is difficult to keep the vegetables or meat fresh even for a few days. I think down the line if I ever move away, fridge is definitely on top of my must-have list.


Household appliance (n) a machine that is designed to do a particular thing in the home, such as preparing food, heating or cleaning

To be responsible for (adj)/To take the responsibility to Having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one’s job or role

Scrumptious (adj) very delicious

As a matter of fact (phrase) in reality

When it comes to Sth/V-ing (phrase) speaking about

At the bottom/in the middle/on top (adv)

As regards (expression) in regard to

To be a must (adj) to be highly required

To go a day without (v) Sth that is not necessary to do on a certain day

To do a great job (v) to do Sth well

Indispensable (adj) absolutely necessary

Tropical weather (n) Very hot and humid

Down the line (idiom) in the future

Must-have (n/adj) Essential or highly desirable


1. Has (the item you choose to talk about) changed much over the years?

As far as I’m concerned, innovations of refrigerators have taken place extensively in terms of size, price ranges and quality in accordance with different usages. For instance, while families prefer fridges that are large-sized and have high electric capacity, fridges which are specifically used for laboratories are more advanced for chemicals storage.


In accordance with (phrase) in agreement with something

2. Do you think everyone needs to know how to use [the item you choose to talk about]?

Unlike other electrical household appliances, refrigerators are way easier to use, even for children, unless they are too short that they cannot reach for their favorite ice cream stored in the freezer. However I suppose when purchasing a fridge, people should at least bear in mind what they’re going to use the fridge for as well as how to make the most of. Besides, due to frequent functioning, fridges sometimes have electrical problems that had better be fixed by specialists.


Way (adv) at or to a considerable extent; far (used before an adverb or preposition for emphasis).

To bear in mind (v) to consider

To make the most of (phrase) to exploit something; to get as much out of something as ispossible.

3. What kinds of electrical appliance are most used in the home, besides the telephone and computer?

A number of electrical appliances are being used nowadays in order to enhance the efficiency of doing household chores within less time. Due to varied demand and preference of the family, it is difficult to rank which appliance is mostly used, so I’ll just make a guess. I think the most useful piece of household equipment ever is the refrigerator, for its wonderful capacity of storing almost all essential daily foods for a long time.


A number of Sth (plural) (phrase) a large number of Sth

Household chores (n) a routine task at home

Demand (n) need

4. What are some examples of electronic or electrical equipment that are used commonly for communication?

Two common means of communication from home are telephone and desktop. Despite the fact that smartphones are more popular among young family members, our parents or grandparents are way more familiar with using conventional dial telephones. Although the phone bill have risen significantly, telephones are still in need for some families to b with each other. Desktop with high-speed Internet connection is another good tool for communication, especially for video calls with relatives living miles away. Physical distance no longer matters.


To outweigh (v) to provide greater benefits compared to many other things

To be in need (adj) to be required

Physical distance (n) distance that can be measured

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