IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3 Topic: Describe a gift that you recently gave to others

Topic: Describe a gift that you recently gave to others

Jenny is my best friend since we were together in kindergarten. Thus, on her 20th birthday, I decided to give her a special gift.

Choosing a gift for someone is usually a very difficult task because you should make sure that the receiver will like it. Jenny is not a typical girl, she’s a sporty girl. I remembered she had told me that she wanted a ball with Manchester United symbol, her favorite football team and that ball is limited stock. I spent around a month before the date, went to some shopping malls and tried to find that gift for her. Unfortunately, it was out of stock.

I was so disappointed. My brother knew it and suggested me to search online. Before the birthday three days, I received a call from a boy who wanted to sell the ball for me with a half price compared to the original one. I was on cloud nine. I came to his house immediately and brought that ball back home. I also chose a nice paper with Manchester United symbol and wrapped it carefully.

Jenny jumped for joy when she received my gift. It is true that our friendship is valuable and what we did for each other build up our friendship more and more.


Limited stock (n) Sth that are produced at a limited amount

Out of stock (phrase) a product that is no longer available

To search online (v) to look for Sth on the Internet

To be on cloud nine (adj) to be extremely happy


1. In your country, when (on what occasions) do people give gifts to others?

People usually give presents to others on a wide range of occasions such as brithdays, weddings, anniversaries or opening ceremonies. Especially, after travelling to a new place or a new country, they always give souvenirs or foods from that place to their friends and relatives.


A wide range of Sth (n) many choices are available

2. What sorts of things do they give?

Depending on different occasions and the receivers that we have a suitable gift to give. It could be clothes, jewelry, souvenirs or even some DIY stuffs. For example, flowers are the common gifts for opening ceremony which are always in a beautiful bouquet of flowers that represents prosperity.


Prosperity (n) The state of being prosperous

3. Do people today still give the same kinds of gifts that people used to give, many years ago?

I think people today tend to go for conventional gift choices, thus they could choose a present easily. Online business allows customers to choose gifts without directly going to the shop. Personally, I usually put more thoughts and efforts into looking for a meaningful and useful gift for my family, relatives or close friends.


To allow SO to do Sth (v) to let SO do Sth

To put thoughts into Sth/doing Sth (v) to carefully think about Sth

4. Why do people like to receive gifts?

Gifts could bring happiness to one’s special day. The receivers would be full of the joys of springs when they feel the caring and love from the givers because the givers remember the special days and send them gifts as the best wishes.

5. Do you think it’s suitable to give money as a gift?

I find it’s no problem with gifting people with money. It is much more popular nowadays, especially on wedding days or brithdays because it is considered as a practical gift. It’s hard to find a suitable present so the receiver could use that budget to freely buy what they need.

6. Do you think it’s a good idea for people who are doing business with each other to exchange gifts?

I think it’s quite popular in business nowadays. In some ways, it is a good idea if the gifts are given in a thankful way after a successful project. It is an important part of business protocol nowadays in some Asian countries like Japan or China. However, I think it’s not good if the meaning of gift-giving turns into achieving a purpose.

7. Why do some people not give gifts to others very often?

Choosing perfect gifts is stress people out. It could create the hassle of picking the right gift. The presents could cause disappointments to receivers because it might not be what they expect. Therefore, giving money or going out for a meal is always the best and convenient way to avoid those problems. It could not overburden to the givers as well.

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