IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3 Sample – Topic: An Important Event You Celebrated

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe an important event that you celebrated
You should say:
• What it was
• Where it happened
• Why it was important
• How people felt about it

Band 8 Sample:

I would like to talk about the time I held a birthday party for my younger sister. It was back in 2015 when she passed the university entrance examination with flying colors and immediately got admitted to three top universities in my country, which came as a surprise to all of my family. Therefore, to mark her resounding success as well as her turning point in life, I celebrated her 18th birthday, just a few days after she received the acceptance letters.

Moving on to the details, I would say that it was more of a family dinner which only involved my own family and some of my sister’s close friends. However, I still tried my best to make it become one of the most unforgettable events of her life by cooking many kinds of dishes that she adored. On top of that, I also invited a music band to perform many of her favorite songs, which made the atmosphere at that particular moment become cozier than ever before. In the end, we sang the birthday song when my sister cut the cake. We congratulated her and wished her a successful college life ahead. Then we ate cake and had a good feast together.

After the party, my sister came to me and said that was the best birthday party she had ever had in her life. My parents at that time also felt moved because the bond between us was strengthened a lot.


Vocabulary highlights:

• Come as a surprise to someone: to surprise someone
• Resounding success: a great success
• Turning point: a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs
• Specialties: a type of food that a restaurant or place is famous for
• Feast: a large or special meal


IELTS Speaking Part 3

 Do you like to plan for an important meeting or activity?
Yes, I think it is good to plan for an essential meeting because without planning a meeting can go in any direction and people can get deviated from the actual goal of the meeting, however, if it is planned then the meeting will be much more constructive and useful.

 What events do people in your country like to celebrate?
Well, people in my country love to celebrate various events, from formal to normal ones, such as birthdays, weddings, and even grand openings. Mostly because they do believe that such celebrations will make the events become more meaningful and strengthen the bonds between the attendants.

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