IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3 Sample – Topic: A Piece of Technology (Except Computers) You Like

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a piece of technology you like using except computers
You should say:
• What is this technology.
• How did you learn about it.
• How often do you use it.
• What difference it brings to your life.

Band 8 Sample:

I consider myself a technophile, so it’s hard for me to live a day without using technological devices, especially my smartphone.

It was a present from my parents to congratulate me on my high school graduation four years ago, and it has come in handy ever since. It was the latest Android phone at that time with lots of cool apps and functions, but no one has ever gave me proper instruction on how to use it. I had to resort to Google search to explore my phone and troubleshoot its problems when the screen suddenly went black or the application failed to run. My phone is with me most of the time and even though I know it’s not good for my eyesight, I can’t help but use it on a daily basis and for more than 6 hours a day. I can’t deny that this
multifunctional device has a big influence on my life, both positively and negatively. I no longer need dictionaries, notebooks, a camera, a music player or a TV because now I can look up new words, take notes, capture photos, listen to music and watch films on the screen of my phone.

In replacement of a heavy bulky laptop, my pocket-sized phone also allows me to create and edit documents on the move. On top of that, it saves me a lot of time and money going to stores thanks to online shopping and notifications of when there are special offers.

However, the drawback is that I am somewhat overdependent on it. If my phone suddenly runs out of battery or I forget it at home when I am outside, I may feel vulnerable and lonely. This phone has helped me a lot with my work and study but I am thinking of reducing the time using it for my well-being.

Vocabulary highlights:

• Technophile: very interested or obsessed with technology.
• Multifunctional: does many different things.
• Pocket-sized: small enough to fit in your pocket.
• Overdependent: too dependent on something; cannot work or live without it


IELTS Speaking Part 3

 Do you like to use new technology?
To be honest, I am kind of a “low-tech” person. I mean I find it quite challenging to cope with anything related to new technology. I am still using my phone and laptop as indispensable items in work and study, but am only able to handle their very basic functions. You know, learning some new technological advances always takes me plenty of time and effort.

 Does technology deeply affect people’s life?
Of course, I believe the development of technology has changed human life dramatically. Most of aspects of life have been affected, from the way people communicate to human interaction, daily habits, work and study and so on. While such technological advancements bring about benefits to support mankind better, their detrimental effects on certain aspects are undeniable.

 Is there any difference between technology in cities and in small towns?
Well, due to a slower-paced lifestyle, the technology in small towns may be a lower standard and develop much slower than in megacities. Also, people in big cities may have easier and quicker access to the use of modern technology, such as computers and automatic machines while it may take much longer for those in the small towns to catch up with such developments.

 Do you agree that men are more obsessed with new technology than women?
In my observation, I may say “yes”. Most men are curious and have passion in the discovery of the latest technology. They are often keen on looking for information about cutting-edge technology in the newspaper or on the Internet and then burst into excitement whenever they get the chance to try them. Meanwhile, most women just regard technology as a tool to support their life.

 How to teach older generations to use new technology?
It is quite a hard mission I think, as elderly people are usually slower to acquire something new, let alone technology that is intrinsically complicated to learn. However, introducing them to the availability of some useful technological devices such as smartphones or laptops, and instructing them to use their basic functions like sending text messages or writing emails can be done without too much time or effort.

 Do you think that technology always has positive effects?
Of course not, anything in this life has both pros and cons and so does technology. Besides the beneficial effects that it brings to mankind, the negative impacts are inevitable. Take smartphones and the internet as an example, they have somehow changed the way people interact with each other. I mean, many people nowadays are no longer interested in family conversations, because each of them has their phones that contain a whole world of joy and entertainment.

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