IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sample Band 9 – Topic: Sunshine

1. Do you like sunshine?
 Definitely, I do. Summer days always bring me a lot of energy and excitement. I really love the moment when I open the curtains, let the soft warm rays of sunshine in and abandon myself to the soothing dawn chorus. Besides, on sunny days, I can go out and enjoy many activities with my friends.

2. Do you like a place with more sunshine or less sunshine?
 I don’t know about other people, but I would go for a place with more sunshine. As a matter of fact, the sun can strongly affect our mental health. I have read somewhere that exposure to natural sunlight can energize and protect us from negative emotions.

3. What do you think of when we mention the word “sunshine”?
 Wow, this question really stirs my imagination. Actually, the word reminds me of an old song named “You Are My Sunshine”. Throughout my childhood, the melody haunted my mind because I heard it thousands of times, though my English at that time was not good enough to understand the lyrics.

4. Do you like to sun bathe?
 Of course, I do. An ideal summer day would be when I could indulge myself on a sandy beach, feeling the warm sunrays beating down on my skin and enjoying my favorite smoothie.

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