IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sample Band 9 – Topic: Dictionary

1. How often do you use your dictionary?
 As an English learner, I use dictionaries to look up new words regularly. Without them, it would be really hard for me to write a complete IELTS essay or understand an English article.

2. Do you like paper dictionary or electronic dictionary?
 E-dictionary, absolutely. It’s very convenient and portable. I can use my smartphone and look up new words whenever and wherever I want without having to carry a heavy book with me all the time.

3. What kinds of dictionaries have you used before?
 I’ve used quite a lot of dictionaries; but 3 dictionaries that I make use of the most are Cambridge Dictionary, Collocation dictionary, and Thesaurus dictionary. All of them are absolutely necessary for any English learner, I believe.

4. How will dictionaries change in the future?
 Given that technology has become more and more developed, it is highly likely that unique kinds of dictionaries like a visual dictionary will be created and developed, which allows users to acquire vocabulary quickly and effectively.

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