IELTS Speaking Part 1 Band 9 Sample – Topic: Photography

1. Do you like to take photographs? (Why?)
Yes, definitely. I think photography is great since it helps us to document our life and keep our memories from fading, and the photographic process is also fun.

2. Do you prefer to take photos yourself or to have other people take your photo? Why?
To be honest, I like to take photos by myself so that the precious moments are captured from my perspective. Moreover, as I’m not really good at posing for pictures, I always find it embarrassing when being a model for someone.

3. What kind of photos do you like to take? Why?
Well, I think the kinds of photos do not matter. I tend to capture things that are not moving, since it is easier for me to catch the right angle to make the picture more eye-catching.

4. How (why) did you become interested in photography?
Well, my father, who is a very seasoned photographer, has taught me many principles of photography. Thanks to him, I won first prize in a photography contest when I was 10 years old and have fallen in love with it ever since.

5. Do you prefer to take pictures of people or of scenery?
Oh I could say without hesitation that landscape photography is more appealing to me as I was born and lived for quite a long time in ABC, a small city whose population is low but the scenery is gorgeous. I’ve shot lots of great pictures there.

6. How often do you take photographs?
In the past, I used to take photos on a weekly basis as I was really addicted to it. However, as I’ve grown up and have had many tasks to deal with, I rarely use my camera anymore.

7. How do you keep your photos?
I usually print them out and keep them in albums so they will be protected. Besides, I also store my photos on my computer disk and on the internet for backup.

8. Do you frame (or have you framed) any of your photos?
No, I don’t. To me, photos frames can take up lots of space so I would rather use albums or just save them on my phone.

9. Do you prefer to send postcards to people or to send photos that you took yourself? (Why?)
Sending photos which I have taken might be more valuable because I can use the contents of the photos to express my current feelings towards the receiver. Take beaches as an example. When I’m happy, I often shoot the scene of children running around and playing water sports, while I like to capture a peaceful sunset when I am feeling down in the dumps. In contrast, postcards are made by other people so they are just meaningless to me.

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