IELTS Speaking Part 1 Band 9 Sample – Topic: Names

1. Do you like your name?
Yes, of course, I do like the name my parents gave me. It’s not only a part of my identity but also symbolizes the love from my beloved parents.

2. Does your name have any special meaning?
Yes, it does. Well, you know, almost every name in my country has a meaning behind it. It can be used to describe someone who is really manly.

3. What kinds of names are popular in Vietnam?
I don’t know much about preferences when giving names to babies in my country, but I guess some neutral names that can be used for both men and women are pretty trendy these days.

4. Are there many people who have the same name as you?
I guess so. You know, since my name is very easy to think of, it is suitable for some parents who are struggling to find the perfect name for their offspring.

5. Is there any tradition about naming babies?
Well, normally the father will name his child, but in some cases, grandparents also want to join in the process of naming. Apart from that though, the family name of newborn babies must follow their father’s family name.

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