English Grammar in Use Series

English Grammar in Use is an English grammar book that is considered by experts to be an indispensable review material in each student’s IELTS bookcase.

So who is this book suitable for? What special content does it have? All questions about your English Grammar in Use will be answered by WIKI STUDY ENGLISH in the following article.

1. Introduction of the English Grammar in Use book series

English Grammar in Use is an English grammar book series written by Raymond Murphy – the author famous for the best English books. The book is divided into 3 books Elementary, Intermediate, Advance corresponding to the level from basic to advanced, published by Cambridge University.

2. Review the details of the English Grammar in Use book series

  English Grammar in Use Elementary English Grammar in Use Intermediate English Grammar in Use Advance
Level Elementary Intermediate Advance
Who uses the book Level A1, who have lost original English Who want to revise grammar and start practicing IELTS Those of you at a fairly good level have a solid grammar foundation
Total grammar topics 115 Over 140 100
Book structure 9 lessons on the present tenses, guide learners about the verbs to use

5 articles about the past tense types, dealing mainly with verbs

6 items on the present perfect tenses

2 presentations on the content of the passive sentence

2 presentations about present, past, and frequency words from …

4 lessons to teach students about the future tenses and how to use the auxiliary verbs

8 introductions about the missing verbs

3 introductions about the word forms there

4 separate articles that mention verb aids

6 articles that provide knowledge about different types of questions such as what, when, why, do you, etc.

1 detailed tutorial on the form of narrative sentence

4 separate lessons about the verbs with the – ing and the to use

4 separate lessons on how to use the verbs: go, get, do, make and have

6 lessons on verb forms, auxiliary verbs

9 articles on how to use articles a, an, the

11 lessons on definite forms and pronouns

8 lessons about adjectives and adverbs

4 articles on arranging word order

6 articles about linked words and clauses in sentences

6 tutorials on how to use the present and past tenses, continuous

12 introductions about the forms of present tense and past perfect tense

7 tutorials on the forms of future tenses

7 explanations, detailed instructions for each form of the missing verb

4 detailed presentations about if – wish

6 detailed presentations about passive sentences

2 specific instructions for the narrative sentence

4 separate articles about each type of question what, when, ….

16 lessons on verbs of the form V ing and loud

13 shows details about articles and nouns

12 articles provide readers with knowledge of personal pronouns and determinatives

6 articles about relative clauses

15 specific tutorials about nouns and adverbs

24 introductory sentences about associative sentences and prepositions

9 articles that provide verb phrases for readers

8 lessons to improve basic knowledge of 8

6 lessons about using future tenses and future tenses

6 presentations about missing verbs

7 items with the content are linking words, passive verbs, questions

4 articles about linking verbs

8 in-depth tutorials on narrative sentences

4 articles on how to use advanced nouns with verbs and subjects

8 articles on quantitative articles a, an, one, some …

7 articles about relative clauses and other sentence types

6 more extensive articles of personal pronouns, linking words

13 lessons about adjectives and adverbs

9 articles about clauses and conjunctions

7 detailed instructions about prepositions

6 lessons to learn about the structure of information.

Outstanding features compared to other books of the same level The content of each lesson is concise, not too much due to the small amount of knowledge in the book.
Scientific presentation, beautifully illustrated images

Integrating diagrams and explanatory images to help learners easily acquire knowledge

The author will analyze grammar in detail, how to use grammar, how to distinguish them through a system of knowledge and exercises integrated throughout. The book incorporates good vocabulary, from basic to advanced. Therefore, in addition to studying grammar, you can also acquire yourself a significant number of vocabulary

The guide book combines basic and advanced grammar in your IELTS Reading writing

3. Download the full set of English Grammar In Use (Elementary + Intermediate + Advanced)

DOWNLOAD Full English Grammar In Use

In addition to the English Grammar In Use series, for the most effective IELTS preparation process, you should also refer to some other useful IELTS preparation materials such as Collin For IELTS, Get Ready for IELTS

Hopefully this article has more information about your English Grammar In Use book series. Do not forget to share this article with your friends around so that everyone has access to a very useful set of documents during IELTS preparation!

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