Download Full Big Step TOEIC 1, 2, 3 for Free (PDF + Audio)

Big Step TOEIC is designed to help learners improve, improve their TOEIC score in the shortest time. The book is simple, easy to understand, has clear criteria and the exam system is very friendly to the real exam. In addition, the Big Step Toeic Textbooks 1, 2, 3 also offer the type of questions corresponding to actual TOEIC questions, addressing the tastes and levels of learners.

The most striking feature of this document is that the LC and RC sections are made up of a unique document that explains the same content, giving beginners access to the TOEIC Exam Preparation.

Download BIG STEP TOEIC book 1 2 3 FULL PDF + AUDIO – Big Step TOEIC is one of the best TOEIC exam preparation materials for those who are trying to prepare TOEIC test to conquer high scores. The book was written by two Korean authors Kim Soyeong and Park Won to help under-time learners to review and improve TOEIC skills most effectively.

Introducing the BIG STEP TOEIC series

The advantage of Big Step TOEIC 1, 2, 3 is to write extremely easy to understand, the system of knowledge from basic to advanced is very close to the TOEIC test.

The exercises of Big STep TOEIC provide specific types of exercises under Listening and Reading TOEIC regularly, so learners will practice and stick with the nearest real exam.

Especially under each book, there are very complete explanations for each answer whether true or false. For the listening comprehension section, you can visit specific copies of listening to pictures, listening to questions and conversations, so that you can buy words or phrases that you have not heard.

New words, phrases and grammar points will be synthesized after each lesson so that learners can conveniently pay attention and summarize what they have learned.

Big Step TOEIC is a series of books compiled by two Korean authors Kim Soyeong and Park Won in order to help short-term learners to review and improve the TOEIC method most effectively.

Review of the BIG STEP TOEIC series 1 2 3

Big Step TOEIC is the most sought-after series because the content is well-designed for some classmates from beginner to intermediate and expensive.

The book helps learners improve their language skills and improve their TOEIC scores from low to high.

1. Attractive advantages of the book BIG STEP TOEIC

➤ Beautifully designed, scientific presentation, good looking, easy to read

➤ Writing extremely easy to understand, the system of knowledge from basic to advanced is very close to the real TOEIC test

➤ Provide specific types of exercises under the TOEIC Listening and TOEIC Reading regularly

➤ Communicate according to the diagram to apply to learning, not memorizing.

➤ The book includes transcript of some listening exercises with answers at the end of the book

➤ Compiled entirely in Vietnamese

2. Disadvantages of BIG STEP TOEIC books

➤ The explanation is quite long

➤ Some basic knowledge can easily be boring for some of you at intermediate and expensive levels

➤ The price of all three books is quite expensive in the market

Instructions for using the  Big Step TOEIC

TOEIC Big Step TOEIC learning material pack divided into 3 books each with different levels:

1. BIG STEP TOEIC 1: Elementary (TOEIC 400 – 550)


– Level of learners: Beginning TOEIC score 400 – 550

– Goal: Achieve 500 Toeic points

Toeic scores above 500 target points are quite many of you today, because most universities in Vietnam require a Toeic score of just over 450 Toeic.

Before starting to study this book, take a test beforehand to see if your current level is suitable for this book. Big Step Toeic 1 provides knowledge that is not too heavy, with 800 LC and RC questions, it can completely help you reach the goal of over 500 Toeic points or even more.

This is the first book for TOEIC beginners who can familiarize themselves with the TOEIC test format and review the basic knowledge required. The objective of the study for this book is TOEIC 400 – 550.

➤ Link download: DOWNLOAD

2. BIG STEP TOEIC 2: Intermediate (TOEIC 500 – 750)


– Level of learners: Primary score of TOEIC 500 – 750

– Target: Achieve 630 – 700 Toeic points

After the first book you will move on to the second book, with a higher level or if you already have a solid new foundation knowledge, you should use this book to learn. The knowledge in the book is more advanced than the vocabulary, and the grammar and the question form will be difficult and follow the TOEIC test to improve the level of learners. This course is equivalent to a TOEIC score of 600 – 700.

➤ Link download: DOWNLOAD


3. BIG STEP TOEIC 3: Advanced (TOEIC 700 – 900+)

BigStepTOEIC-31– Level of learners: TOEIC score 700 – 900 points

– Goal: Toeic score above 700

This book summarizes all the content learned about Listening as well as Reading in the first two books, Step1 and Step2. At the same time, providing you with more difficult questions that require you to make the most of your time when working on Toeic.

Big Step TOEIC 3 advanced books to help you conquer the TOEIC 990 maximum score. The book is only for those who have good knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and even good pronunciation. When practicing with this book, you will retest the entire knowledge in Big Step 1, 2 as well as practice with the TOEIC exam full preparation for your actual TOEIC exam.

➤ Link download: DOWNLOAD

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TOEIC Exam Preparation Materials: Target TOEIC

Target TOEIC

Target TOEIC® – Upgrading TOEIC® Test-taking Skills is a TOEIC exam preparation material that helps test takers familiarize themselves with the latest exam forms and techniques during TOEIC preparation through 06 sample tests modeled after the test practice exam.

This book is one of the four famous TOEIC exam preparation books by Anna Taylor: Starter TOEIC, TOEIC Analyst, Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test and Upgrading TOEIC® Test-taking Skills.

This new edition is updated to be compatible with the recent changes of the TOEIC test, helping candidates build the best test skills. The TOEIC listening section is also updated with listening exercises recorded in both American and English accents.



1. Who is this book for?

This book is suitable for those of you who have a good average in grammar and vocabulary, aiming to reach 500 – 750+ TOEIC.

If you’ve learned from Starter TOEIC, this is the second book you need to conquer.

Target TOEIC is suitable as a “headboard” material for those who have mastered the tips and knowledge necessary to prepare for the TOEIC test.

2. Book content

This book gives learners the opportunity to improve their TOEIC test skills as well as confidence through 6 sample exam papers. Including 12 lessons and a test and support.

Each exercise in the book includes a section that provides and reinforces vocabulary; a clear grammar instruction section; Grammar exercises and a small test (Mini Test)

The Answer Key of the book is very helpful. It not only gives answers and scoring guides, but also details the mistakes, “traps” that you often encounter in the exam questions and tips for identifying grammar in the question, from which you find out. correct answer.

Besides, the practice section of Listening part in this Target TOEIC is also very important. You can spend more time on this section than Reading if you really need it.

3. How to use this book

To get the most out of studying with this book, you need:

► Set a time of 75 minutes for the reading section and 45 minutes for the listening section.

► After you finish, you need to check the answers you made with the answers at the end of the book to mark

► Review the sentences you made wrong, find out the error details for longer memorization

► Gradually, you will recognize which skill you are weak, and will spend more time on that skill.

4. Link to download Target TOEIC book (PDF + AUDIO)

► Link to download books (PDF): CLICK HERE

► Audio CD download link: CLICK HERE

This is an essential TOEIC test preparation kit not only for those wishing to study and take the TOEIC exam to find higher study mechanics or career advancement, but also useful for those who want to improve your English level.

WIKI STUDY ENGLISH hope that after completing 6 full tests of this book, you will improve in your level and score when taking the real test.

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TOEIC test preparation material: Developing Skills book for the TOEIC Test (latest updated edition, with 03 CDs) helps intermediate level students to practice their skills in order to prepare for the TOEIC test by practicing various forms Questions, vocabulary, grammar and common question structures in the TOEIC test.

If you are looking for quality TOEIC exam preparation material, the Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test Book is a great choice for you to take the exam closest to the real TOEIC test.

Which lever should use Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test

Developing Skills for the TOEIC

Developing Skills for the TOEIC

At the beginning of exam preparation, you are often quite confused when you do not know what basic grammar and vocabulary to learn first. Using a lot of books makes you feel overwhelmed by the knowledge and does not understand the content of the focus. This is a basic grammar book with basic levers from 0 to 350 which helps to synthesize the basic knowledge commonly used in exams, to help you study the exam more effectively.

This is a book for those who are losing their original English or have leveraged from 350 to 550 or want to continue conquering new heights of TOEIC. The vocabulary system is arranged according to topics suitable for new students to learn English, so you can easily understand without worrying about “cramming” knowledge offline.

What will you get through this TOEIC BOOK?

Every practice in the Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test is supplemented with a short practice section in each of the book’s thematic units, compiled according to the same format and structure of the actual test. With 14 topics familiar with the latest TOEIC titles, you can practice vocabulary more easily. Each lesson focuses on different grammar points with different types of exercises. When practicing this book, you will consolidate your knowledge and discover your love points to overcome.

This TOEIC exam preparation material also provides a test for each model, which helps candidates understand what they need to do for the real exam. In addition to the Answer key and Transcript sections, the book also has an appendix, which will help you reinforce the key grammar points you have learned.

WIKI STUDY ENGLISH hope this book will help you familiarize yourself with the TOEIC test format effectively.

Link Download books and CD Developing Skills for the TOEIC:


I wish you good study and if you have any questions, please comment below the article to be explained in more detail!

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Download Full Set of TACTICS FOR LISTENING – Listening Practice Books for all Level

Tactics for listening

If you are starting to learn English and haven’t found a consistent listening path, Tactics for Listening is the book you need. The book is designed from basic to advanced with the highest level Tactics for Listening Expanding to help you reach the 800+ TOEIC taget.

The book is divided into three books from basic to advanced, suitable for the following subjects:

➨ Basic: Basic book for beginners from 0 – 350+ TOEIC

➨ Developing: Books for intermediate level students from 350 – 750+ TOEIC

➨ Expanding: A book for those who are more advanced than 750+

For each volume, the author designs lessons according to difficult standards to help you practice on your own. This is a general listening practice book, not a TOEIC test set, but the lessons in the book are written according to the subject so you can synthesize knowledge of both vocabulary and grammar needed in the popular topics.

What will you learn from Tactics for TOEIC?
This TOEIC exam preparation material includes a tip for taking the TOEIC test, a language development activity that helps students prepare for the TOEIC exam.

In this series, each level you will learn 24 lessons, each describing a topic related to everyday life and experiences in human life. This book is suitable for all who want to learn English communication from beginner to advanced. Each book in this series will be for different audiences, with different content and usage. However, the general advantages of the series are:

➨ Books divided by level, easy to learn and practice

➨The exercises are short to long, with tapescript answers to check at the end of the book, helping you check the lesson.

➨ Beautiful, easy-to-understand color illustrations.

➨ Have enough Audio to practice listening daily.

1. Basic Tactics for Listening

Basic Tactics for Listening

Basic Tactics for Listening

This is the first basic book as the name implies. Books provide you with:

➨ The book includes 24 units with small lessons on the main topic

➨ Familiar topics in the article such as Name, Spelling, Family, People, Clothes, Time, Dates …

➨ Listening lessons is quite easy, to help you familiarize yourself with the speed of listening, types of tones. The vocabulary in this book is very familiar in the TOEIC Part 1 + 2 test

➢LINK DOWNLOAD Basic Tactics for Listening Ebook + Audio CD:

Ebook: HERE
Audio: HERE

2. Developing Tactics for Listening

Developing Tactics for Listening

Developing Tactics for Listening

➨ The book is for you to develop skills to listen to sentences and longer paragraphs, more complex.

➨ Longer questions and grammar are pushed to be more complex, forcing you to listen and fill in the grammar correctly.

➨ Topics: The weekend, City Transportation, renting a car …

➢LINK DOWNLOAD Developing Tactics for Listening Ebook + Audio

Ebook: HERE
Audio: HERE

3. Expaning Tactics for Listening

Expanding Tactics for Listening

Expanding Tactics for Listening

➨ Listening book design more complex. The dialogue, monologue long and informative.

➨ The exercise provided also gradually increases, requiring you to listen carefully to find the answer

➨ Listening to more snares appears, making it easier for you to answer incorrectly if not careful.

➨ Common topics: Part-time jobs, Sucessfull Businesses, Gadgets and Machines, Character Traits …

In fact, these three English listening practice books are not too difficult for you to study. As long as you try to listen everyday, it will be easy to get used to the way of listening and practicing your own ears very well.

➢LINK DOWNLOAD Expaning Tactics for Listening Ebook + Audio

Ebook: HERE
Audio: HERE

When using this material, you should pronounce it on the disc so you can improve your listening and speaking skills. Also, remember to note the highlighted phrases in the lesson, the phrases that appear often and most importantly, have to practice regularly every day for the best results.


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Complete set of materials to get the best score on the TOEIC listening test

With the logical content and sticking with the exam, Hacker TOEIC Listening is for all levels from beginner to advanced.

TOEIC Listening (Listening comprehension) is a very important part of the TOEIC test. For this section, which document should you study? In today’s post, I will introduce all of the best TOEIC listening materials to you.

Before reading this article, you need to understand the structure and method of studying TOEIC Listening.

There are many TOEIC exam preparation books for every level. To find a few TOEIC Listening exam books with easy to understand instructions, the exercises given closely to the exam are not easy at all.

Right now, she will evaluate the contents of each book in detail so that you can choose for yourself the most suitable book!

#1. Tomato Toeic compact part 1 & 2 and Tomato Toeic compact part 3 & 4

► Review book

If you carefully study the TOEIC test, you will know from part 1 – part 4 to test listening comprehension skills. So the first book she wants to recommend to you is Tomato Toeic compact part 1 & 2 and Tomato Toeic compact part 3 & 4.

Tomato TOEIC compact

Tomato TOEIC compact

This is a very basic TOEIC document that will help you find specific details about the TOEIC Listening test.

  • Tomato Toeic compact part 1 & 2: revolves around topics such as shopping restaurants, transportation, workplaces, free time. The book will provide you with knowledge, test-taking experience and tips on avoiding traps in TOEIC Listening part 1, part 2 most effectively.
  • Tomato Toeic compact part 3 & 4: used to review TOEIC Listening part 3, part 4. You will practice knowledge in books and tests of the last two parts with more extensive knowledge than Tomato Toeic compact part 1 & 2.
    These 2 books are suitable for you with a level of 350 Toeic or above!

► Link to download books

➥ Link download Tomato TOEIC compact part 1 & 2: Click here

➥ Link download Tomato TOEIC compact part 3 & 4: Click here

#2. Tomato TOEIC Compact Listening

► Review book

In addition to the above two books, you should refer to Tomato TOEIC Compact Listening.

Tomato TOEIC Compact Listening

Tomato TOEIC Compact Listening

With 5 TOEIC listening exam papers close to the real exam questions, the book will help you consolidate the knowledge you have learned and practice with the real exam questions to assess your level and skills of doing the test.

At the end of the book there are Scripts & Answers for you to compare the results you have done. In addition, you will receive advice and experience to practice listening effectively.

➥ Link download Tomato TOEIC Compact Listening: HERE

# 3. Jim’s TOEIC 1000 Listening Comprehension

► Review book

Next is another TOEIC book that I also love that is Jim’s TOEIC 1000 Listening Comprehension including 10 TOEIC exam with real TOEIC test on vocabulary, grammar and exam format.

Jim’s TOEIC 1000 Listening Comprehension

Jim’s TOEIC 1000 Listening Comprehension

Using this book review will give you the opportunity to become familiar with and practice your knowledge before taking the TOEIC exam. This is a relatively difficult book, so it is only suitable for you to prepare for the TOEIC test with a score of 700 or above.

➥ Link download Jim’s TOEIC 1000 Listening Comprehension:



# 4. New Real Longman TOEIC – Actual Tests For Listening Comprehension

► Review book

New Real Longman TOEIC – Actual Tests For Listening Comprehension is a detailed book on the TOEIC listening test.

New Real Longman TOEIC

New Real Longman TOEIC

This book contains 8 full tests on TOEIC Listening to practice listening skills of students before taking the actual TOEIC test.

You are preparing TOEIC test target of 750 – 990 absolutely do not skip this book and should focus on the trap part of TOEIC Listening.

➥ Link download New Real Longman TOEIC – Actual Tests For Listening Comprehension: HERE

# 5. Economy TOEIC LC 1000 volume 1 2 3 4 5

► Review book

Economy TOEIC LC 1000 volume 1 2 3 4 5 TOEIC study materials are too classic, are you? The book helps you orient the TOEIC exam the best way according to the TOEIC test module today.

By this time the book has published 5 volumes in all. Each set of 10 Economy exam, helps you practice TOEIC knowledge before entering the actual TOEIC exam.

➥ Link download Full Economy TOEIC Vol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: HERE

# 6. Hacker TOEIC Listening

► Review book

This book was designed and compiled by David Cho. With the logical content and sticking with the exam, Hacker TOEIC Listening is for all levels from beginner to advanced.

> Read the guide to this book in the article: Hackers TOEIC Complete Listening & Reading (Full Download PDF + Audio)

Hacker TOEIC Listening

Hacker TOEIC Listening

With the criterion that besides the knowledge of the language, the book also gives me practical ways and experiences to take the exam, so the book is divided into 4 parts corresponding to the 4 parts of the exam. Part 1,2,3,4: Testing Points, Test-Taking strategie, Basic points for test taking, Achie Your Goal, Power test.

► Link to download books

You can find this book on Tiki or download the PDF + Audio file below:

➥ Link to download Hackers TOEIC Listening: HERE

# 7. ETS TOEIC 2020 – Listening

► Review book

The ETS package is certainly not new to those who take the TOEIC exam. This is a resource that provides you with the best quality TOEIC test sets, the closest to the real exam questions.

>> Read more Study guide ETS TOEIC Test update 2020 to get absolute TOEIC Listening score.


With this book, you will be able to work closely with the test to assess proficiency and practice your test skills effectively before taking the real exam.

► Link to download books

I have collected PDF + Audio files of the book with detailed prizes, you can download below:

➥ Link to download ETS TOEIC 2020 Listening Books: HERE

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Full set of ECONOMY TOEIC VOL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 CLEAR VERSION

Economy TOEIC 1,2,3,4,5

The Economy TOEIC 1000 series consists of 5 books, and is among the “must have books” for any TOEIC test taker who wants a rich sample set, close to the real exam with high sound and picture quality. .

1. Contents of the TOEIC Economy series 1,2,3,4,5

Each volume of Economy TOEIC will include 2 books:

Economy Toeic RC 1000 for the Reading section
Economy Toeic LC 1000 for the Listening section
In addition, each book will have an Answer key section that will help you easily look up your score and review your mistakes at the end of the book.

2. The object of the series

The Economy TOEIC series of books is compiled according to difficulty level from low to high, increasing from volume 1 to volume 5.

For those who are just starting to solve the problem, it is advisable to practice the first book, the voice will be slower and clearer to help you familiarize yourself with the TOEIC test.

The following three books will be suitable for those who score above 600 TOEIC, have become familiar with the reading and reading proficiency of these books, but this is definitely a very suitable topic for those who want to study more advanced. .

3. Download the Economy TOEIC series

Each of the Economy books will include 10 tests, you will complete the five-volume book to help you practice knowledge and get ready for the TOEIC test, easier to reach your TOEIC goal.

Download the book in the link below:

Economy Toeic 1000 RC – LC VOL 1: HERE
Economy Toeic 1000 RC – LC VOL 2: HERE
Economy Toeic 1000 RC – LC VOL 3: HERE
Economy Toeic 1000 RC – LC VOL 4: HERE
Economy Toeic 1000 RC – LC VOL 5: HERE

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BOOTCAMP FOR THE TOEIC – The TOEIC Test Preparation Materials by Skill [PDF + AUDIO]


Bootcamp for the TOEIC is designed around the six vocabulary topics that often appear in the TOEIC test to help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and necessary skills. Let’s review this book in detail in this article below.

1. Who is this book for?

Bootcamp for the TOEIC is designed around six topics that often appear in the TOEIC test: office, cultural events, human resources, general business, travel and dining.

The book is perfectly suitable for all students who want to prepare for the TOEIC exam, especially those who have lost their roots and weak knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and need to improve listening, reading …

2. Review the book content

As we wrote above, this book goes into six topics that often appear on the TOEIC test. Therefore, in each chapter, you will find essential contextual vocabulary, supplementing the grammar often used along with activities to build and strengthen listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Bootcamp for the TOEIC

Bootcamp for the TOEIC

The sequence of each chapter includes the content divided by skills:

✓ Warm-up

✓ Vocabulary

✓ Grammar

✓ Listening

✓ Speaking

✓ Reading

✓ Writing

Each section has content knowledge to learn and practice exercises to help you improve each skill more easily and effectively.

Every 3 chapters, there will be a TOEIC test in practice format including six sections: FAQ, Conversation, Short Speech, Complete Sentence, Complete Text and Reading Comprehension. Part 1 TOEIC – Picture description has been reduced to only 6 questions in the new TOEIC test format, so this section does not appear in the Bootcamp for the TOEIC book.

An additional point for this book is that the presentation is easy to understand and beautiful, helping learners not be bored, increase interest in the exam review process.

With such deep and compelling content, Bootcamp for the TOEIC will help build a solid foundation for you to start studying for the TOEIC exam.

3. Guide to effective use of books

This book has a point that Hoa loves and she believes in you as well as the weekly study plan. The author has planned to help you with what parts of the day you will need to study and the homework to be done for that day.

In addition, she has some tips for you:

✓ Try to follow the study plan in the book

✓ Read carefully – understand deeply, complete exercises and tests in books to practice right after learning

✓ Prepare a small notebook, record the knowledge you have accumulated from each section and also the mistakes you make when doing exercises to revise that knowledge.

✓ Strengthen TOEIC grammar knowledge, TOEIC vocabulary and start trying hard to test the TOEIC level exam.

4. Link to download ebook + audio files

In order to encourage reading culture, you should order this book at Nhan Tri Viet bookstore to study most conveniently and easily. The book is very beautiful and the content is good with the price is not too high, you should own the book to learn best.

Hoa also bought books and has the PDF + Audio version available for those who want to study online on computers.

You download the full PDF + Audio file of the Bootcamp for the TOEIC book here: Download

With the above reviews and sharing on Bootcamp for the TOEIC, hope you have your own comments about this good book. 

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You are on the journey to conquer TOEIC, but struggling to find an effective study plan. In addition, with TOEIC 600 or higher, you will have many opportunities to apply for jobs as well as help you a lot in the course of your work.

In order to support you better on the journey to conquer TOEIC, Wiki Study English will guide you some methods and learning materials for you to refer to to reach the level of 600 points.

I. Things to know about TOEIC 600

1. What is TOEIC 600?

  • What is the equivalent of TOEIC 600?

Currently, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS are the 3 most widely used English certificates in the world. Despite the different types of certificates, we can still convert the TOEIC 600 into a paper equivalent to TOEFL paper of 510 points and TOEFL CBT about 180 points, TOEFL iBT about 64 points and 5.0 IELTS

However, this is just an overview, these 3 certificates cannot be used interchangeably due to the exam field as well as the strengths of the certificates with each different skill.

  • How does TOEIC 600 help you?

TOEIC is a test of English knowledge quite diverse in terms of vocabulary and situations in everyday life such as finance, travel, everyday life. TOEIC certificate is now widely used in Vietnam, replacing previous national foreign language certificates. A high TOEIC score will be of great help to you in your career development from interviewing company talent to working with partners. In addition, with good foreign language skills, you can also confidently receive additional work outside the office hours as translation, interpretation, interpretation of income for yourself.

2. How long will you study TOEIC 600?

The time to reach the TOEIC 600 level can vary depending on the level of each of you, she will list some typical time as follows for you refer to.

– 2 months: You can conquer TOEIC 600 in just 2 months if your English level is good (communication, vocabulary, good listening). When conquering TOEIC, you only need to learn more about tactics, strategies, and more. At that time, you can study by yourself or take a short course on TOEIC.
– 4 months: You can also quickly conquer this goal if your English background is at a basic level. You only need to take 1-2 courses to master and master the system, improve your speaking, listening and vocabulary development skills.
– 6 months: This time is for you who do not have much knowledge of English (or in other words, you have lost your root, do not know where to start). You will need to persevere in self-study and go to school for 6 months following a specific roadmap to upgrade your skills and reach your goals.

II. TOEIC 600 learning pathway for beginners

1. Learning methodology for TOEIC 450 goals

At this stage, your level is just at an average level and the vocabulary and grammar are not rich, your ability to listen and speak is not good. You will be quite confused to choose your study options:

  • Start learning what?
  • What curriculum?
  • What is the learning path?
  • How to know what level I am in?

When starting the journey to conquer TOEIC, you should divide the specific roadmap and study plan in detail. The specific study schedule and the goals you set will be the deciding factor for the results you will achieve.

1.1 First, choose the learning material

You should choose materials that include vocabulary, grammar and listening practice for beginners with content that is fundamental to you. The documents you choose need to be in the basic group so you can gradually get used to and upgrade your level.

1.2 Next, divide the learning plan by skills

a. Vocabulary

To reach this level, the number of vocabulary is quite important to help you overcome the questions are quite rich on the topic. You need to supplement your vocabulary for all aspects of life and society. In addition to learning new words, you need to pay attention to how to divide words, types of words and their usage. Ms. Hoa suggests some vocabulary topics for you:

  • Traffic
  • Household appliances
  • Animal
  • Public construction
  • The essential items

There are a lot of textbooks that can assist you during this time, she suggests a pretty effective vocabulary book for you to use, even at higher levels you can use.

➣ Download the 600 essential words for the TOEIC test:

b. Grammar

At this point, basic grammar books, basic pronunciation books or thematic vocabulary are essential for you. Absolutely should not use too many types of books at a time because it can lead to the situation of “overeating” with ineffective knowledge.

Grammar books with practice exercises are very important, because practicing exercises right after learning will help you more easily remember knowledge and easily detect your knowledge gaps in that section to make timely replenishment. . You should focus on some of these main grammar content:

  • Tenses in English (basic 6 tenses)
  • Types of words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)
  • The basic structure

Most of these concepts you have been acquainted with before, but during the review process you need to understand more deeply. Remember! Immediately after each type of grammar to learn, you need to practice putting examples into it to be easy to understand and remember.

c. Practice skills

In addition to vocabulary and grammar, you need to pay attention to your listening / reflection skills in English. Below the TOEIC 450 level, your English reflex skills are often quite limited. You should often practice your listening skills through listening / reading on CD or on YouTube such as:

  • English song
  • English conversation
  • Other types of listening such as: Movie, reading stories, news, …

Want to listen to the standard you also need to improve your knowledge of pronunciation too. The  Pronunciation in use book is a book with the correct pronunciation that will help you with this pronunciation.

➣ Download Pronunciation in use book:

2. Learning methodology for TOEIC 600 goals

By this point, you have begun to acquire basic English skills. You need to continue enriching your vocabulary base as well as digging deeper into grammar. After mastering the basics to pass level 450, congratulations, our next target will be TOEIC 600.

2.1 First, choose the learning materials

You should choose materials including vocabulary, grammar and listening practice for people from TOEIC level 500 and above. However, some documents for beginners are also needed to support you to fill those gaps of your knowledge.

2.2 Next, improve each skill

a. Vocabulary

To reach the TOEIC 600 level, your vocabulary needs at least 200 words. You need to be richer in subject groups of social vocabulary such as:

  • Economic array
  • Daily activities
  • Some quotations, phrases

At this level, the 600 essential words for the TOEIC test is still extremely useful to you. In addition, you can refer to the dictionary to have more diverse vocabulary. You should note the use of words of this type as well as try to illustrate each word so that you can better understand the context of their use.

b. Grammar

You need to learn more important grammar and continue to review the grammar topics learned. Some topics to supplement for you such as:

  • Conditional sentences
  • Passive sentence
  • The comparative structure

In addition to understanding the usage and structure of each basic grammatical topic, you need to pay close attention to the identifying characteristics of each of these topics. Identity characteristics will help you distinguish them quickly and accurately in grammar questions. Don’t forget to practice hard solving the exercises after each of these topics!

c. Skills

You can increase the listening channel for yourself, to increase the ability to reflect with different voices, volumes and better reflexes with the reading speed and pronunciation of many people.

You should try TOEIC test questions to become more familiar with the test, some of the voices in the test. Taking test questions will help you become more familiar with the test time and how to take the TOEIC test.

Note: When taking the test, you should read the question and answer set before the conversation, when listening, you try to focus on listening to the Keyword to find the right answer.

3. Tips you need to know when taking the TOEIC test

Tips for exam review

  • Before taking the exam, you should determine your goals (namely the score you need to achieve) that best suit your ability.
  • You can try taking a few exams to better understand the topic structure as well as evaluate your ability.
  • You need to set up a specific study schedule (you can take TOEIC courses so that experienced centers can guide you on the schedule if you do not know where to start).
  • Check your knowledge regularly to identify weaknesses and sentences that confuse you to gain experience

Exam preparation tips

  • You need to prepare mentally close examination day comfortably, limit the anxiety, suspense.
  • Take the test 15 minutes earlier (limit the unforeseen circumstances that may affect your test time)

Tips when taking the test

  • Do not try to translate all the questions
  • Try to allocate time appropriately for each part
  • Try to listen to the keyword, not try to understand the whole paragraph

Wish them good competition! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below so I can assist you!

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Download the Listening IELTS Collection Book Band 7.0+ You Should Have

Listening IELTS Collection Book Band 7.0

In the IELTS Listening self-study process, the selection of materials plays a very important role. But among the countless books on the Internet, what are the good and suitable books? In today’s article, WIKI STUDY ENGLISH will introduce you to the extremely standard books for the Listening 7.0+ goal.

1.The divine Cambridge Ministry – Cambridge IELTS Series

This title has become legendary and is present in the bookshelves of most IELTS “warriors.” However, the advice of many experienced people is that you should mostly use the word Cam 6 onwards.

I recommend that you download and print the ebook, do not need to buy books, because most of IELTS books outside the bookstore are pirated books, making pencils and erasing, not working again.




2. IELTS Listening Actual Test

The book includes a collection of real exams from 2008 – 2013, ebooks are only available until 2013, and you can go to bookstores to buy the latest updates in recent years.

Who should practice this series?
This is a test preparation exam, for all subjects. However, ITN encourages you band 5.0 and above – that is, have certain listening skills. If you do not reach this level, you should start listening before starting to work to get the best effect.

How to make the best use of the series?
– If you have time, do it again at least 2 times.
– Don’t just watch the key. Note the transcript to know why I am wrong, learn more vocab and even the expression of native speakers.


3. IELTS EXAM by Barron

This series is quite close to the real exam. The content of the book is designed with advanced level:

  • Part 1 – Academic Module: In this section, the book provides 6 complete tests with answers and easy-to-understand explanations, making it easy to acquire knowledge even when studying at home yourself.
  • Part 2 – General Training Module: Here you will continue to upgrade your level through 6 tests in the form of General Training Module and will still have the answers and explanations for each specific answer!
  • Part 3: This is the Audio Scripts section for the listening section that anyone with IELTS preparation and especially interested in will listen to.
  • Part 4: How to use the audio CDs, the author must be a person who cares about the difficulties, which students often encounter when using CDs, so they have designed a part of how to use it for you!


4. A book for IELTS

This series is quite difficult, for you at level 6.5+.

Specifically, the book offers you:

  • Introduce each section of the test in detail, with the following in mind: These will be good tips and notes to help you take the exam exactly as the supervisor asked.
  • Each section has lessons divided into each format of the IELTS test.
  • And the exercises, the author provides in each kind of like the lesson for you to practice first.
  • After the lessons and exercises, there is an IELTS Practice Test with a real exam to compare, an overview of your knowledge and an IELTS test experience.
  • There are a number of practice tips that are included with each exercise, exam practice exercises to help you apply the test more effectively.


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After a process of plowing and picking each Listening type, practicing real exam questions will help you “test” your listening skills. In today’s article, WIKI STUDY ENGLISH introduces you to a set of books not to be missed when preparing for IELTS Listening Exam at levels 5.0 – 6.5 – 7.5.

Complete IELTS 5-6.5-7.5 is known as a “mainstream” textbook, published by Cambridge. The kit refers to the full range of skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Spelling, Grammar. Knowledge in the curriculum is transmitted through common topics and often found in the test.

1.Complete IELTS 5.0 – 6.5

Complete IELTS Bands 5 – 6.5 Ebook

Complete IELTS Bands 5 – 6.5 Ebook

This book is for upper-intermediate level students with a goal of 5-6.5. The book includes 8 topics along with exercises to help strengthen and improve the skills when doing.

Included with the book are Reference, grammar, vocabulary with notes, examples and practice test questions at the end of each lesson to ensure learners gain full knowledge for each topic.

Along with the knowledge you will begin to improve your knowledge of the IELTS exam with topics that will be in the test and practice in different types of topics to help you feel confident before starting the IELTS exam.

Package includes:

  • Complete IELTS Bands 5 – 6.5 Ebook
  • Audio CD1
  • Audio CD2

2. Complete IELTS 6.5 – 7.5

Complete IELTS 6.5 – 7.5

Complete IELTS 6.5 – 7.5

More advanced than the previous one, Complete IELTS band 6.5 – 7.5 for people with a strong foundation to improve with a goal of about 6 – 7.5.

The book includes many topics with high-level skills exercises. Included with the book are the Reference, grammar, intensive vocabulary along with explanations and test questions at the end of the lesson for students to assess their own learning results.

A special thing in this series is that the answer keys are very detailed for each book, so exam reviewers will know the results as well as know their own mistakes.

In short, Complete IELTS is a set of IELTS books that will give you all the knowledge you need to confidently conquer the IELTS score as desired!

Package includes:

  • Complete IELTS Bands 6.5 – 7.5 – Student Book
  • Teacher Book
  • Audio CD1
  • Audio CD2
  • WorkBook Audio CD

How to use the Complete IELTS 5-6.5-7.5 series effectively?

First, determine your band goals to choose the right book. For starters, you should use 3 books in order to get the best effect. You should carefully read the book introduction and take turns to study the topics listed in the book sequentially because the contents are arranged in the book logically from low to high.

You should simultaneously learn 4 skills at the same time to develop balance. After each lesson, you should apply the tips and knowledge learned to the test to review and evaluate the level of lesson acquisition.

Read the book description above before downloading to make sure the book is suitable for your level and goals!


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English Grammar in Use Series

English Grammar in Use is an English grammar book that is considered by experts to be an indispensable review material in each student’s IELTS bookcase.

So who is this book suitable for? What special content does it have? All questions about your English Grammar in Use will be answered by WIKI STUDY ENGLISH in the following article.

1. Introduction of the English Grammar in Use book series

English Grammar in Use is an English grammar book series written by Raymond Murphy – the author famous for the best English books. The book is divided into 3 books Elementary, Intermediate, Advance corresponding to the level from basic to advanced, published by Cambridge University.

2. Review the details of the English Grammar in Use book series

  English Grammar in Use Elementary English Grammar in Use Intermediate English Grammar in Use Advance
Level Elementary Intermediate Advance
Who uses the book Level A1, who have lost original English Who want to revise grammar and start practicing IELTS Those of you at a fairly good level have a solid grammar foundation
Total grammar topics 115 Over 140 100
Book structure 9 lessons on the present tenses, guide learners about the verbs to use

5 articles about the past tense types, dealing mainly with verbs

6 items on the present perfect tenses

2 presentations on the content of the passive sentence

2 presentations about present, past, and frequency words from …

4 lessons to teach students about the future tenses and how to use the auxiliary verbs

8 introductions about the missing verbs

3 introductions about the word forms there

4 separate articles that mention verb aids

6 articles that provide knowledge about different types of questions such as what, when, why, do you, etc.

1 detailed tutorial on the form of narrative sentence

4 separate lessons about the verbs with the – ing and the to use

4 separate lessons on how to use the verbs: go, get, do, make and have

6 lessons on verb forms, auxiliary verbs

9 articles on how to use articles a, an, the

11 lessons on definite forms and pronouns

8 lessons about adjectives and adverbs

4 articles on arranging word order

6 articles about linked words and clauses in sentences

6 tutorials on how to use the present and past tenses, continuous

12 introductions about the forms of present tense and past perfect tense

7 tutorials on the forms of future tenses

7 explanations, detailed instructions for each form of the missing verb

4 detailed presentations about if – wish

6 detailed presentations about passive sentences

2 specific instructions for the narrative sentence

4 separate articles about each type of question what, when, ….

16 lessons on verbs of the form V ing and loud

13 shows details about articles and nouns

12 articles provide readers with knowledge of personal pronouns and determinatives

6 articles about relative clauses

15 specific tutorials about nouns and adverbs

24 introductory sentences about associative sentences and prepositions

9 articles that provide verb phrases for readers

8 lessons to improve basic knowledge of 8

6 lessons about using future tenses and future tenses

6 presentations about missing verbs

7 items with the content are linking words, passive verbs, questions

4 articles about linking verbs

8 in-depth tutorials on narrative sentences

4 articles on how to use advanced nouns with verbs and subjects

8 articles on quantitative articles a, an, one, some …

7 articles about relative clauses and other sentence types

6 more extensive articles of personal pronouns, linking words

13 lessons about adjectives and adverbs

9 articles about clauses and conjunctions

7 detailed instructions about prepositions

6 lessons to learn about the structure of information.

Outstanding features compared to other books of the same level The content of each lesson is concise, not too much due to the small amount of knowledge in the book.
Scientific presentation, beautifully illustrated images

Integrating diagrams and explanatory images to help learners easily acquire knowledge

The author will analyze grammar in detail, how to use grammar, how to distinguish them through a system of knowledge and exercises integrated throughout. The book incorporates good vocabulary, from basic to advanced. Therefore, in addition to studying grammar, you can also acquire yourself a significant number of vocabulary

The guide book combines basic and advanced grammar in your IELTS Reading writing

3. Download the full set of English Grammar In Use (Elementary + Intermediate + Advanced)

DOWNLOAD Full English Grammar In Use

In addition to the English Grammar In Use series, for the most effective IELTS preparation process, you should also refer to some other useful IELTS preparation materials such as Collin For IELTS, Get Ready for IELTS

Hopefully this article has more information about your English Grammar In Use book series. Do not forget to share this article with your friends around so that everyone has access to a very useful set of documents during IELTS preparation!

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Offord Word Skill Series

In today’s article, Wiki Study English would like to introduce to you a set of extremely good vocabulary books from the famous Oxford University, Oxford Word Skills. The book includes 3 books for 3 levels Basic – Intermediate – Advanced.

So what does each book contain? Let’s explore the article below with Wiki Study English!

I. Introduction of Oxford Word Skills book series


The book is divided into three levels Basic – Intermediate – Advanced, you can choose the book that suits your level.

Basic book is very basic for those who have lost their roots or just learned English. For those of you who have good English or IELTS exam preparation, you can just study Advanced.


> The book consists of 3 parts corresponding to 3 levels, from beginner to advanced, which helps beginners to upgrade their vocabulary according to the roadmap.

> With over 2000 useful vocabulary divided into 80 units in 3 books. The vocabulary is provided according to different topics.

> In each lesson, there will be a reference image to help you remember the lesson more easily.

> The book focuses on introducing and guiding vocabulary learning on many topics in life. The difficulty increases with each unit and in each unit you practice with the audio file.

> The exercises attach the answers so that students can test their vocabulary and knowledge system.

> Familiar, close topics such as Holiday, Student, Work, Study, Life …, help you read comprehension, remember long and apply more frequently and effectively.


The content structure of the book is designed from basic to advanced with many vocabulary suitable for many close topics, suitable for all subjects of English learning. Besides, each topic has specific illustrations that are easy to learn. This is definitely a great choice for those who want to expand their vocabulary.


Because the book is designed entirely in English, many of you may feel bored when you first start studying. However, with a simple and easy to understand design, you will get acquainted quickly.

II. Introduce in detail each book in Oxford Word Skills:

1. Oxford Word Skills Basic



This book is one of the recommended books for beginners with the most basic vocabulary.


The book is designed in 12 sections, starting with an overview and detailed instructions on how to learn vocabulary in each lesson for beginners, including:

  • How to use a unit
  • How to learn news words
  • How to do the exercises
  • Abbreviations and symbols

It is followed by 11 major lessons, each large lesson is divided into many different small lessons. A total of more than 80 units in the book with topics such as Basic English – basic knowledge, People, Everyday life, Food and drink … Along with that, following each major lesson will have an overview review to help. You systematize what you have learned.

A special feature of the book will be a first tutorial to help you understand how you should study books and memorize vocabulary longer.

Finally, the vocabulary collection, pronunciation plus answer key and word list … are synthesized and arranged in a clear, scientific way to help you easily access and learn vocabulary more effectively at the beginning. exposure to English.

2. Oxford Word Skills Intermediate



The Intermediate book is designed similarly to the Basic book. But there is a higher level of difficulty, for those who are at band level 4.0 IELTS or above and are aiming to conquer CEF level B1 and B2 exams.


The opening of the book is still a study guide, which helps guide the way of learning and the specific learning method for each lesson.

After that, there will be 13 major modules on close topics in life such as People, the world around us, Daily life, Getting things done, Describing things … and after each lesson, similar reviews will be help learners re-system knowledge. As well as memorizing and using vocabulary learned in a better way.

Other special features of this book are not just in the vocabulary section. Each lesson also includes sections such as Reading – Listening – Speaking and writing exercises, quite similar to the IELTS test sections.

Therefore, although not in the form of IELTS, this is still considered an interesting reference, helping learners to practice all 4 skills.

In addition, the book also provides a lot of useful tips and spotlights to make the review process more effective. So, you should note to not skip this important part!

3. Oxford Word Skills Advanced



This is also the most difficult book in this series, for those at level C1 and C2.


Units are designed alternating with review articles, helping you learn and practice to achieve the highest efficiency.

The lessons in this book focus on various issues in English. Especially, towards improving the Speaking skill for learners. Because the lessons are all about expanding vocabulary to improve the ability to express or talk about something.

The lessons in the book revolve around a variety of issues in English, especially improving your Speaking skills. Because the lesson is all about using advanced vocabulary to express and talk about something.

Beautiful illustrations with audio make it easier to improve your listening skills. This is the document to help you increase your vocabulary for effective Speaking.

Hopefully Wiki Study English’s sharing of this excellent Oxford Word Skills book series will help you expand your vocabulary and prepare well for the upcoming IELTS test.

Wish you good study and success!

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