[Review] Ace the IELTS – A super thin book with many tips for General Training


Books for IELTS Academic are many, but you can only find a few brochures for IELTS General Training online.

I heard that everyone is talking about the divine Ace the IELTS, so you are curious about this book, huh? Let Wiki Study English help you review briefly about this book!

What is Ace the IELTS?

The author of the book is Simone Braverman – the owner of a famous blog for IELTS test takers: https://www.ielts-blog.com/

She has two books released to this point:

  • Book number 1 is the IELTS Target 7, written for the IELTS Academic exam
  • Book No. 2 is Ace the IELTS written for the IELTS General Training exam

It is obvious that the Ace the IELTS book is for those who are going to take the IELTS General Training exam, right.

What does this book bring you?



The first thing that surprised me with this book was that it was super thin – only about 100 pages. Anyone who reads quickly and concentrates a bit, reads an hour should probably end this book.

The second thing I’m surprised is that this book is 100% about IELTS tips for all 3 skills. It can be considered as a pocket mini-book, or it can be considered as an IELTS handbook, because the book content is mainly about Tips and tactics for the IELTS General Training test, without the burden of providing. knowledge like other books.

 What you have learned from this book is:

  • The strategy of listening correctly, catching words and completing the fastest Listening skills
  • Quick reading tips: Scan, Skim Text, find main keywords
  • There are specific tactics for each type of difficult questions such as Matching Heading, Multiple Choices ….
  • A reasonable way to divide your time for IELTS Writing
  • How to build article layout, find ideas for speech.
  • Tips to avoid common mistakes, Trap is included in the test.

You can read the book and order it here. Because pdf books are gradually not being shared ‘wildly’ online, I do not want to download pdf links.

Wiki Study English’s review of the book

  • Read for fun, expand knowledge but I do not think it is true to its promise of ‘How to maximize your score’. So what? My opinion is that IELTS is a real exam, so I like books that bring real content value, lots of practical exercises, and provide the right strategies and methods for studying. , sort of logical information…. like that. However, the Ace the IELTS as I said before is 100% full of tips and test theories. I think it is just extra knowledge
  • The book is too theoretical. Even if the tips are to do the homework, it is necessary to go along with the practical exercises to prove the tips are correct. However, this book completely lacks examples to prove.
    You can find many better books compiled by yourself here, lots of knowledge, countless exercises.

Download Link of the book

Download Free Trial      Ace the IELTS ebook with Bonus
Hopefully, the small reviews above help you visualize more about this book and can decide whether to buy the book or not depending on your needs.

Wish you happy learning.

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[Review + PDF] 31 High-Scoring Formulas to Answer The IELTS Speaking Questions

31 High-Scoring Formulas to Answer The IELTS Speaking Questions

31 High-Scoring Formulas to Answer The IELTS Speaking Questions is one of the few best speaking practice books to help you prepare for the IELTS Speaking test.

I highly recommend it!

Who should learn this book?
No matter who you are, starting at any level (beginner to learn IELTS, learn for a while), this book was born to serve all of you.

The book is suitable for those who have an English background, have just started to practice IELTS or want to improve the speaking test score.

Well, but wait, if you are an English-native, you shouldn’t use this book. Instead, focus on consolidating your IELTS grammar first by studying the Grammar for IELTS book yourself or to save time and gain efficiency. Sign up for an ultra-compact and lightweight IELTS Online course gentle (Of course quality must be the first priority then)

This book is worth reading!

31 High-Scoring Formulas to Answer The IELTS Speaking Questions

31 High-Scoring Formulas to Answer The IELTS Speaking Questions

Believe me, just after you finish the 368 pages of knowledge (though quite thick) in this book, your IELTS Speaking level can be called to another level (I’m not talking too much) if like you really work hard and learn methodically.

The two authors of the book (Jonathan Palley-Adrian Li Oliver Davies) will guide you through each lesson and make sure to provide you with the three most useful things below:

  • An effective strategy for all 3 Parts
  • Formula to answer all kinds of questions (sentence structure, grammar …)
  • Indigenous vocabulary recommended to eat points

Content overview of the book

Before starting the main section of the book, it will always be a general introduction to the IELTS Speaking test (test structure, scoring, etc.) and how to use the book. This is the most effective → This is the important information you need to know to have a good start before going deeper into the test (Especially for beginners to study IELTS).

Next, the author will add the book into 3 parts, equivalent to 3 parts of the speaking test.

  • Part 1: Contains 20 formulas to answer Part 1 of the test
  • Part 2: The answer formula for the 4 most common topics in Part 2: Person, Place, Object & Past Event
  • Part 3: 7 formulas for developing Part 3 speech are listed and analyzed by the author

At the end of 3 parts, the book also provides advice on “what should and should not do” in the speaking test too → These can be extremely valuable tips written and drawn from the author. experience. This will help us avoid the minor mistakes that cause us to lose points or the Tips to make the examiner impressed us with the speech. So take advantage!


The knowledge content of the book goes from Part 1 to Part 3, very easy to learn

Read more & Download PDF

What is the good point of this book?

If you look through the book, you will see that there are two parts to each knowledge topic: Language steps & Native speaker words.

Language steps: These will be short, clustered, simple sentence structures, while ensuring its effectiveness. As you can see, the author has taken an extremely useful step when analyzing the whole grammatical structure of these sentences.

Native speaker words: This is my most impressive part. Unlike books that merely provide common vocabulary, in this book, the author prioritizes the list of vocabulary words used by native speakers, but even many dictionaries are not necessarily listed. enough and right for you. ⇒ These words are categorized from words (Noun, Verb …) & explain the meaning is extremely easy to understand, simple that anyone can understand, along with the example sentence.

⇒ This is the brightest point of the book, with the vocabulary you learn from the book, your speech will be greatly appreciated, creating a natural way of speaking. The examiner always likes you to use the words that they are also using.

View and Download the book

Wiki Study English’s personal assessment of the book

  • Content suitable for Vietnamese learners of IELTS Speaking

As the name implies, all the questions are said by the ‘formula’ step 1, then how to use the vocabulary, how to connect the ideas, how to close the speech … super specific. The book also has many examples, so it’s easy to learn and easy to understand.

Maybe you did not know anything about IELTS Speaking before or you were not confident in speaking English, so the book is still suitable.

  • However, the amount of practical exercises is quite small

This book is a little bit ‘theoretical’ and does not provide enough practical knowledge. You should simultaneously update the questions that are applied in the real test and have a high rate of winning the cupboard.


I would like to emphasize again: This is a book worth learning, very worth learning. You can find yourself really improving your skills, confidence and language skills on the IELTS Speaking test every day.

Please experience and let me know how you feel about the book.

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Intensive IELTS Speaking – A useful IELTS Speaking self-study book

Intensive IELTS Speaking

One of the most popular Speaking test books nowadays is IELTS Intensive Speaking. The book provides useful topics, questions and answers for learners.

But for whom is this book, and what is the specific content?

Below, Wiki Study English will review you in detail about this special Speaking self-study material. This book cover here:

IELTS Intensive Speaking

IELTS Intensive Speaking

1. Which band is IELTS Intensive Speaking for?
This is a document that gives an overview of the Speaking test and a design that is easy for beginners to learn by this skill.

In short, books for band 3.5-4.0 IELTS and above for self-study and practice speaking section.

2. Review the details of IELTS Intensive Speaking
Commenting on this book from a student who archives 8.0: “This is a book that I appreciate, providing sample answers for all 3 parts of Speaking and vocabulary source, useful tips. It’s useful to say you can apply it. ” 

So specifically, what does the book offer?

Book design is divided into 4 chapters in which:

  • Chapter 1: Overview of the Speaking test
  •  Chapter 2: Things to watch out for and prepare for the Speaking test
  •  Chapter 3: Questions and samples for 3 parts
  •  Chapter 4: Summary of vocabulary and sentences used in Speaking.

In addition to the section 1 overview that provides an overview, the following sections are extremely helpful.

As you can see, in Part 2, the author provides the points for the exam such as the answer is too short, the way to use it is, the sentence is wrong, does not focus enough for 4 criteria for the examination… The following are some things to do when preparing for the exam before the exam, in the exam, at the end of the exam …

Besides, the good tips for all three parts of the exam are shared by the author, which helps you apply questions in the 3 parts at the back of the book. Read more & Download Link

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Get Ready for IELTS Listening Pre Intermediate A2

Get Ready for IELTS Listening

The bedside pillow of so many toddlers coming to IELTS Listening is Get Ready for IELTS Listening of Collins. Have you got this book yet?

Join Wiki Study English to discover the “tips” that the book provides to prepare yourself for the IELTS exam preparation!

Review Get Ready for IELTS Listening Pre-Intermediate A2 +

Right from the name, you can see books for beginners of IELTS, beginner level. Therefore, the book is very easy to understand, logical and simple lesson system for those who do not know anything about IELTS to learn thoroughly about the Listening part.

Specifically in this book provide:

Unit 12 Unit lessons, divided by familiar topics will appear more in Listening: Friends abroad, Food and Cooking, Work, Presentation, Staying Safe … In the big topics are smaller topics.

These topics are easy for you to follow the lesson to start with IELTS more smoothly.

Get Ready for IELTS Listening

Get Ready for IELTS Listening

Structure a basic lesson:

Part 1: Language development – Gives you advance and advanced knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. This background helps you to listen more easily and prepare for practice, apply the study tips later.

Part 2: Skills development – Focusing on the skills section, providing lessons, analysis, specific examples by subject for learners to review. Good tips will be highlighted clearly for you to look at and remember.

Part 3: Exam Practice – Practice exercises. In this section, you not only rehearse but also have additional useful tips, common mistakes to avoid when taking the test.

Example of a simple listening exercise in a book:

Track 4 Unit 1: Listen to the following conversation and write down the numbers you hear.

1. A. McKeon B. McEwwan C. MacKeon
2. A. Westborne B. Westerborne C. Westbourne

Correct answers: 1. B, 2.C

Alternating with 3 lessons is 1 Review, comment on IELTS Listening for each topic you have studied before. This helps you synthesize knowledge, practice effectively and remember longer. Practicing a lot will always work for you.

End of 12 Units will be Practice Practice giving you a private training source in accordance with IELTS format. Set your time and prepare for your exam, test your level.

If after studying this book you want to practice more, you can refer to 5 free online IELTS test resources that Wiki Study English has shared.

And rest assured, you always have keys, audio scripts to check answers right below the test. Don’t see the answer in a hurry, but try your best to do the homework first.

Finally, a good part of the book is a summary of important, useful vocabulary and phrases that help you memorize deeply and learn more effectively.

Effective guide to studying books
Once you’ve downloaded the book, the first thing you need to do is combine a dictionary (a book or an app) to look up words when you’re having trouble. Because they don’t always know the vocabulary they provide.

A lesson will take about 2 – 3 hours to fully study and finish the test. So, if you take the time to study for 3 hours a day, try to divide your time to study. You should study carefully to remember all the knowledge and practice offline.

Although there is a dictionary, do not rush to look up the word because you will not look up words when taking the test. Try focusing on guessing words and meanings based on the context in advance to increase your sensitivity when taking the test.

Under the lesson system, make sure you learn the two parts Part 1-2 well before moving on to Part 3 to do the exercises. Try to apply the shared tips in the best way to get good grades.

 In Part 3, practice listening to audio once and then doing the exercises. Then listen again to see if the answer is correct. At the end of the book, there is Audio Scrip and answers but do not watch, but make sure you do the full test before checking.

 Re-check the Audio Script and check to see if you heard the right part or the wrong paragraph to determine whether you heard the standard correctly or not and at the same time know which parts you are confused with.

With this book, you have begun to embark on a good IELTS Listening preparation journey. Studying in parallel with this book, you can refer to Basic IELTS Listening is also a good document for basic people when studying IELTS.

Please download the ebook here: Download

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IELTS Advantage Speaking – Listening Skills (PDF + AUDIO)

IELTS Advantage Speaking – Listening Skills (PDF + AUDIO)

Documents about Speaking and Listening skills that you should refer to the study that Wiki Study English would like to introduce today. The book shares easy-to-understand knowledge and interesting topics.

IELTS Advantage Speaking – Listening Skills (PDF + AUDIO)

IELTS Advantage Speaking – Listening Skills (PDF + AUDIO)

This is a book dedicated to the Speaking and Writing skills of the famous IELTS Advantage Skills series. The book is suitable for advanced band members, towards the goal of 6.5-7.0 IELTS.

The book divides into two skills with the Audio section to practice. This helps you to improve Listening while practicing Speaking through Listening better. Because you can apply the Shadowing skill while studying, parodying in the native speaker’s voice helps your Speaking more complete.

The book structure is divided into 3 parts:

– From Unit 1 to Unit 7 is a lesson on the topic of Speaking Skill. The lesson combines Listening skills.

– From Unit 8-9 is Listening lesson, then audioscripts.

– Answer keys for lessons.

Both sections have full audio to help learners practice both of these skills in parallel.

Review of Speaking section

Unit 1 + 2 design is different when focusing on Speaking Part 1 because this is the main topic or appears in the first part. From Unit 3 – Unit 7 divided by Part 1-3 with questions, listening exercises to example examples.

The lesson is divided into 3 parts and exercises, sample exercises

The lesson is divided into 3 parts and exercises, sample exercises

Lessons divided into common topics such as Personal circumstances, Leisure interests, Finding your own path … provide vocabulary, grammar and phrases, collocations, phrases related expressions.

The author gives examples of questions and answers illustrated with the high score band for reference. Especially through these examples, you have more good tips to prepare your speech more impressive.

A sample Speaking Part 1:

Besides the interesting sample repertoire, the author also shares more strategies and tips for you to score when making your speech with the examiner.

From lessons, books that provide grammar, vocabulary, tips, and sample exercises to test your knowledge

From lessons, books that provide grammar, vocabulary, tips, and sample exercises to test your knowledge

Sample Listening and Speaking tests have Audio for you to refer, practice and test your skills.

About the Listening part

Two Units 8-9 divided by the most common topic with 2 sections 1-2 and 3-4 sections.

Two lessons Listening by section

Two lessons Listening by section

The lesson is based on topics but the knowledge, the author shares in the common types of exercises in the Listening test in each section.

Analyze all types of questions and questions and sample exercises with audio included. The author points out tactics, tips to predict and prepare for effective tests.

The next step is the strategy, the steps of doing the test and selecting information according to each type of test. Specific sharing will help learners apply and practice the test to improve their ability.

Clearly illustrated lessons, sharing details and effective learning tips

Clearly illustrated lessons, sharing details and effective learning tips

With the end part is audioscripts and answers, you can easily check if your assignment is correct or not and apply effective tactics.


As the document has clearly shared, you start choosing to study a Unit step by step. Remember to prepare a notebook to record vocabulary, phrases or for your future exam.

The best time to study is 2-3 hours a day. It is better to study all one Unit and check information, sample samples, and check answers in one day. But because the lesson is quite long, you can divide time and remember to summarize knowledge after 1 unit.

Link Download IELTS Advantage Speaking & Listening: 

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Academic Writing for IELTS – Sam McCarter

Academic Writing for IELTS

Academic Writing Practice for IELTS by Sam McCarter – Advanced self-study writing book

How to write a paper that is highly academic, in accordance with the grading criteria and achieve higher scores?

The good material today that Wiki Study English introduces to you will answer that question. Academic Writing Practice for IELTS by Sam McCarter is written by academic experts with good sharing on each form of writing.

Books for band: 5.0 – 6.0 and above upgrade vocabulary and writing in an academic direction.

Book content: Provides knowledge related to Academic IELTS Writing

The author Sam McCarter is an expert on academic language at Southwark College. His famous books such as A book for IELTS and IELTS Reading Test are highly appreciated, providing learners with good material.

With the Academic Writing Practice for IELTS, the author is divided into 4 parts:

  • – Part 1: IELTS Writing Task 1 Practice (20 lessons)
  • – Part 2: IELTS Writing Task 2 Practice (25 lessons)
  • – Part 3: Checking and editing (20 items)
  • – Part 4: IELTS Writing Practice test (10 tests)
  • – The last part: Keys for each test in part 4.

Right from the title, you know this is a book that mostly helps you practice writing. But, besides the exercises provided, there will be instructions for writing and describing each type of questions in Writing. This will help you write the article in an academic, focused and logical manner.

In Task 1, the book provides the writing, expression, or tabular format, which you often see in Task 1. Through the lesson, you will draw out the advanced vocabulary and expressions for Task 1 post correct. 

In particular, the manual on which sentence structure or vocabulary will be better for you to make Task 2 writing academic. 

Besides, the sample source, sample paragraphs are provided in the exercises and keys to help you get a good reference source, understand how to make a better essay like a sample. Not only one test but the test, the author has 2-3 versions according to the version and specify which band it belongs to so that you can analyze the difference of the high-low band.

However, the book has some disadvantages that you need to systematically build the vocabulary, grammar structure and notes that the book provides to make your own memorization. Through the exercises, you apply the knowledge you have learned. But thanks to that, you will gain your own knowledge and remember it longer.

Note when studying books

Currently, this book is a scanned version so it is a bit difficult to see, please try to study and write down the exercise yourself. Besides, prepare yourself some drafts and a notebook for vocabulary system, structure analysis or record later.

Above is a review of Academic Writing Practice for IELTS, you have questions, please comment below!

Link Download Academic Writing for IELTS: Download

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Hacker TOEIC Listening & Reading

Hackers TOEIC is known as a very good TOEIC book for learners to improve their English skills effectively. The book is written based on the practical requirements of the test and is suitable for all levels of learners.

I. Hackers TOEIC Listening

1. Who is this book for?
The book is designed for all TOEIC levels who are looking to improve their listening ability. This set of 2 books helps you to improve listening and reading skills at the same time to conquer the TOEIC series.

The book is compiled into each extremely detailed and specific learning pathway that helps you design your own appropriate route and not be too heavy on knowledge and the learning schedule is not too slow compared to the learning path of.

Hacker TOEIC Listening

Hacker TOEIC Listening

2. Content of the book
With the criterion that besides the knowledge of the language, the book also gives me practical ways and experiences to take the exam, so the book is divided into 4 parts sticking to 4 parts of the exam. Part 1,2,3,4.

+ Testing Points, Test-Taking strategies: This section gives an overview of the parts in question. In this section, author David Cho also shared more about the experience, general skills and even the most basic TIP to help me get high scores in the test.

+ Basic points for test taking: This section is the most important and noticeable content. It will give an explanation for choosing an answer, not just a simple answer but other books available today. In addition, learners are supplemented with a list of words that are often confusing in the Listening section, also known as the trap. There is even a list of idioms that are used in everyday communication by the author.

+ Achie Your Goal: This is the part that Hackers TOEIC Listening share clearly and fully all types of listening exercises for each part. Even the phrases of each type have been synthesized by the author, making it extremely easy to absorb them.

+ Power test: Finally, you can do general tests to evaluate the knowledge learned from previous sections.
In addition, the book also has 2 Actual Test and nearly 150 pages of essential vocabulary for TOEIC on topics such as economics, commerce, shopping, transportation, companies, contracts, emails …

3. How to learn this book?
First: You need to prepare yourself a notebook to record, note the suggestions on experience, skills and TIP from author David Cho

Step 2: Try to pay attention to the translations explaining the reasons for choosing the answers to discover your mistakes and fix them.

Step 3: Write down words that can easily be confusing to avoid “traps”

Finally: After reviewing the test, please take the time to take the test so that it is very accurate to check your knowledge.

II. TOEIC Reading Hacker

1. Content of the book
The other book in the Hackers TOEIC series is Hacker TOEIC Reading with 3 main parts that best summarize the things to keep in mind when practicing TOEIC reading.

Hacker TOEIC Reading

Hacker TOEIC Reading

+ Grammar: This section we will have 6 smaller sections with 22 grammar topics, presented in detail accompanied by specific types of exercises.

+ Vocabulary: We have 13 chapters with all the TOEIC specific vocabulary.

+ Reading: Finally, TOEIC Reading Hacker gives you skills and tactics while taking the TOEIC Reading test. You will have a complete inventory of the types of grammatical structures in Part 5 and the types of readings in Part 6, 7.

TOEIC Hackers is an extremely worthwhile collection when you are planning to study on your own TOEIC at home by the above characteristics. However, because the books are written in 100% English, it will be more suitable for those who persevere and like to translate books.

2. How to learn this book?

First: Wind up to conquer the 13 vocabulary chapters of TOEIC to understand the content in the next section.

Step 2: Study the 22 grammar topics in the book in turn to improve your level (do not hug too much)

Finally: Set goals that match your book schedule, don’t try to set goals too high.

➤ Link Download: Hacker TOEIC Reading + Listening + Audio

I wish you good study and conquer TOEIC as high as you want!

To receive more TOEIC documents, please like and follow our document Fanpage right away.

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TOEIC Analyst

TOEIC Analyst is a toolkit for you who are aiming for your TOEIC goal at level 500 – 700. TOEIC Analyst includes a whole lot of tactics to help you easily conquer these score points more easily.

TOEIC Exam Preparation Materials: TOEIC® Analyst – Mastering TOEIC® Test-taking Skills is one of the four books of Anne Taylor’s TOEIC exam preparation series including: Starter TOEIC, Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test and Target TOEIC.

I. General review of the book
This book is suitable for those of you who have a good average in grammar and vocabulary, aiming to reach 500 – 750+ TOEIC.

The TOEIC Analyst curriculum is suitable for those who want to familiarize themselves with the TOEIC test format

You want to consolidate vocabulary, grammar, learning method and do each part to get a score in the 500 – 700 TOEIC in optimal time.

Lessons in this TOEIC preparation material are prepared according to skills (listening, reading comprehension) and test format (image description, Q&A, short talk, short talk, incomplete sentences and unread reading). complete and reading comprehension).

II. The content of the TOEIC Analyst covers what
The content of the TOEIC Analyst consists of 7 chapters that follow the correct question types in the TOEIC test:

Part 1. The TOEIC listening section: Practice chapter on TOEIC listening skills
Listening: you will practice all the listening sections of the TOEIC test, including: Part Picture Decription, Question and Responses, Short Conversations, Short Talk.

Reading section: you will practice all the reading sections of the TOEIC test including sections: Incomplete Sentences, Incomplete Texts, Reading Comprehension.

Part 2. Practice Test: Part practice
As mentioned above, this section consists of 2 tests to help you systematize all the knowledge you have learned in the above chapters and proceed to familiarize yourself with the standard TOEIC test.

Part 3. Transcripts and Answer Key: Answers and detailed explanations
Transcripts and Answer Key is the support which includes the dialogs included in the text CD and test answers.

The book series is rated by the author as suitable for you at the Beginners level. You can improve your score gradually without difficulty with the listening section, which is focused on the type of questions, with easy-to-read voices.

Part 4. Two Test of proficiency test
When practicing these 2 real exam questions, you should set a timer and follow as if you are taking a real exam, so that you can more accurately assess your level of level to help you review. better practice.

With 4 main contents as above, TOEIC Analyst curriculum has 7 main chapters as follows:

  •  Chapter 1 – Picture description: Contains 4 types of frequently asked questions.
  •  Chapter 2 – Question – Answer: There are 9 types of frequently asked questions.
  •  Chapter 3 – Conversation: 7 types of frequently asked questions.
  •  Chapter 4 – Short talks: (This section includes voice messages, advertisements, guides) there are 4 types of frequently asked questions.
  •  Chapter 5 – Fill in the missing words with the sentence: 2 types of frequently asked questions.
  •  Chapter 6 – Fill in the missing words in the paragraph: there are 12 common topics.
  •  Chapter 7 – Reading comprehension: Including 4 types of frequently asked questions.

With the content of the book divided into sections for exactly 7 parts of the TOEIC test, the book will help you become more familiar with the types of questions when starting to practice TOEIC. Thanks to the structure and variety of real exam questions, it is easy for you to pass the “SAMPLE” in the exam and more easily achieve the maximum score.

III. How to use the curriculum effectively
With the content of knowledge which has been codified according to real exam questions for each specific part, reviewing this course will be extremely simple if you:

  •  Take time to study each day according to the content of the lesson
  •  Self-study, self-practice with systematic exercises so that you can memorize longer
  •  Applying the knowledge and skills guided in the book in practice tests

IV. Download the beautiful TOEIC Analyst (PDF + AUDIO) book
Link download Toeic Analyst:
Ebook book: Download
Audio File: Download

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English Grammar in Use 2019 published right in the beginning of 2019 is a classic grammar documentary that you cannot ignore. Let Wiki Study English review this book right away.

English Grammar in Use is probably not news to you who are learning English. This is considered a “classic” series that deals with the most important grammatical topics in English.

To fully explore this book, she and her children go into the following three main parts:

# 1: Who is this book for?

# 2: The structure of the book

# 3: Advice for you guys


   Title: English Grammar in Use 2019
   Author: Raymnod Murphy
   Thickness: 400 pages (16 most basic grammar topics)
   Level: Beginner
   File Type: PDF

I. Who is this book for?
English Grammar in Use is for people at the TOEIC level above 200, if your English skills are a bit lower, you just need to practice to still be able to learn the content of this book.

The content of the English Grammar In Use 2019 document has the following advantages:

  •  Introduce the most common grammatical structures
  • Theoretical part exercises related to the theoretical forms just mentioned and solving exercises
  •  Present content that is clear, scientific, easy to look up and easy to remember
  •  Helps memorize basic grammatical structures

II. The structure of the book
The book is designed according to each grammar topic to provide readers with basic knowledge of English in general and TOEIC in particular, including the following 5 parts:

Part 1: Lesson – Lesson
Part 1 of this book contains 16 important grammatical topics allocated in 145 units.


The topics are all clearly divided, specific knowledge systems, examples easy to understand. In addition, each unit also has practical exercises for you to practice the knowledge you have just learned, easier to remember the content that has been rehearsed.

Part 2: Appendix – Appendix attached
Part 2 of the book has 7 appendices attached:

  • Regular and irregular verbs
  • Present and past tenses
  • The future
  • Modal verbs (can / could / will / would etc.)
  • Short forms (I’m / alternative / didn’t etc.)
  • Spelling
  • American English

In each appendix, you will have to systematically revise the knowledge from related units and add the content of the grammar part that has not been mentioned in the article.

Part 3: Additional exercises – Additional exercises
This part is a practical exercise for you after having carefully studied the topics and grammar of Part 1. Part 3 will include the forms of grammar exercises for you to synthesize the knowledge you have just learned. In part 1, help you practice knowledge.

English Grammar In Use 2019 supplementary exercises

English Grammar In Use 2019 supplementary exercises

The practice of regular exercises will help you have more content training skills to help you remember longer and understand your weaknesses to learn from lessons in the following exercises.

Part 4: Study guide – Study guide
This guide is to help you decide which units you need to study. The content of the guide is grouped together (Present and past, Impersonation and nouns, etc.) in the same way as in Units.

Guide to learning English Grammar In Use 2019 books

Guide to learning English Grammar In Use 2019 books

For the example sentences in this section, each sentence can have 1 or more answers (A, B, C, etc.). If you’re not sure which is the correct solution, you can review that grammar in the unit list in the right column.

The answer of this section is available on page 372, after you finish, you can check it out later.

Part 5: Key – Answers to the exercises
This section helps you grade yourself and determine if your assignment has been done right or wrong. Answers will help learners compare and assess their ability with the exercises done. The answers presented are relatively easy to understand and clear for convenient searching.

Part 6: Index – How to use words
Content Index will guide you the basic vocabulary arranged in the English alphabet will go with prepositions / nouns / … which, structure and how to use.

This section is necessary when readers need to quickly look up certain structures, students who take the TOEIC exam will love this part when reviewing TOEIC Reading.

III. Epilogue
English Grammar In Use 2019 synthesizes most of the simplest and most basic content for beginners to learn English. However, in the book, we may still encounter some relatively complex structures and exercises. If you encounter these structures, you should pay attention to gradually learn each structure and memorize, do not try to learn in numbers that lead to quick forgetting and confusing.

For those of you who are quite good at leverage with a TOEIC score of over 500, the book is still extremely useful to help you revisit the basic knowledge you have learned, thereby laying the foundation for you to continue to practice on the higher levers.

Above are the instructions you need to know before you start conquering the English Grammar In Use 2019 book. You can download books and listening files here:

➥ Link to download Full PDF (very nice version): Download here

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Taking The TOEIC - Skills and Strategies 2

Taking The TOEIC is a TOEIC exam preparation book series 2019 according to the new exam structure to help learners become familiar with each part of a TOEIC test. Let’s review with detail and download this book.

Wiki Study English also has this book in her hand, and now we will go through the detailed evaluation!

1. Who is the book for?
Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies were Written with the purpose to help you understand the changes in the new TOEIC test structure, and familiarize yourself with new types of exercises through examples.

The book is divided into 2 levels corresponding to level B2 and C1 (intermediate and advanced levels), equivalent to a score of 400+ TOEIC and above.

For those of you who have lost your roots or have just started studying for the TOEIC exam, she recommends that you start studying other books with simpler content. You can find out about these books below:

Starter TOEIC – TOEIC document for beginners (Full PDF + Audio)
Very Easy TOEIC – TOEIC platform for the person who lost root (Full PDF + Audio)

2. What’s the content of the series?
Taking The TOEIC includes 2 books, each with four chapters, to help learners become familiar with each part of a TOEIC test including:

  • Listening skill
  • Grammar
  • Reading comprehension
  • Practice tests

thereby building a solid foundation for learners who are starting to prepare for the TOEIC test.

Contents of the Taking The TOEIC book 1

Contents of the Taking The TOEIC book 1

New points are presented in the series such as:

 Introduce, guide and update with the latest structure of the NEW TOEIC format.

  •  Systematically designed exercises (in the order of the questions in the test, and common/applicable grammar points to do well on that part) help practice the test strategies in each test. part.
  •  Specific, easy-to-understand examples and explanations for each of the TOEIC question types, including the new question types introduced in 2018.
  •  Practical, practical, and easy-to-use tips and tricks that help test takers take exams faster and more effectively.
  •  A list of essential vocabulary common in the TOEIC test is provided in each section and the definition is easy to understand, consistent with the context in the lesson.

With the above advantages, Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies is really the TOEIC exam review book worth “money for rice bowl” to buy and use.

3. The most effective way to use the book
The advice for you when studying this series is:

– Step 1: Allocating time for each part of knowledge every day or every day of 1 lesson in book content.

– Step 2: Read carefully – understand deeply, do more mini-tests to practice right after learning

– Step 3: Prepare a small book, record the knowledge you have accumulated from each section and also the mistakes you make when taking the test to check again later.

– Step 4: After finishing the first book, you need to do more TOEIC tests to check the knowledge you have just learned and revise more TOEIC grammar, TOEIC vocabulary before going to study the second book.

4. Link to download the book
To encourage reading culture, you should order this book to make studying easier and easier. Wiki Study English also bought books and has the PDF + Audio version available for those who want to study online on computers.

You can download the full Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies 1 + 2 here: Download

Download each book:

Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies 1:

Ebook: Download   Support on Amazon

Audio: Download

Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies 2:

Ebook: Download  Support on Amazon

Audio: Download

These TOEIC learning materials have been compiled from many sources and uploaded to share links for everyone. You can buy and support these books originally! 

Hopefully with Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies 2019 will help you understand the structure of the new TOEIC test and TOEIC exam more effectively. If you have any questions, please COMMENT below to be answered by Wiki Study English.

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Starter TOEIC is one of the most useful and suitable TOEIC books for beginner and beginner TOEIC students. Let’s learn about this book with WIKI STUDY ENGLISH!

This TOEIC document is always recommended by English teachers who are just beginning to study TOEIC. This is also a book that helps you conquer convincing 300 – 500 TOEIC points.

There are many good and quality TOEIC exam books on the market today, but Starter TOEIC is the most suitable book, designed for beginners by Anne Taylor and Casey Malarcher. In this article, we will find out the details of the book offline.

I. Who is this book for?

Starter TOEIC is an indispensable book for those who have a basic level of English or have just started conquering TOEIC.

The book will support you through exercises that emphasize focus; at the same time provide background knowledge and tips to help you study well, build the necessary skills, it is important to help you familiarize yourself with the TOEIC test.

Book content:

✓ Contains 12 main lessons, a sample test and other support (reading and answers for exercises).

✓ Each of the exercises in the book includes a vocabulary section, a grammar guide, grammar exercises, and a small level test.

✓ The final part of the book is the answer so you can check your results and progress.

Firstly, you will consolidate your knowledge of common grammar and important structures, then practice each skill separately (Reading and Listening). After mastering the test-taking skills, you will begin to do the exercises to apply the knowledge learned earlier.

Depending on your level of study hard, you can get about 300-500 TOEIC points after studying this book.

II. The structure of the book

The book is designed with 4 separate chapters to provide readers with background knowledge of English in general and TOEIC in particular.

1. Chapter 1: Grammar Practice

Chapter 1 of the book introduces 12 key grammar topics commonly used in the TOEIC test, along with explanations and practical exercises.

Chapter 1 - Starter TOEIC

This is the section for you to begin to familiarize yourself with English grammar, from which as a prerequisite to practice and improve other skills. The practical exercises will help you remember the exercises longer and stronger.

2. Chapter 2: Listening & Reading Practice

The 12 tests in Chapter 2 will help you consolidate a grammar point through natural situations in different contexts. If Chapter I helps you become familiar with and mastering grammar, this chapter will help you consolidate your knowledge and practice reading comprehension skills for you.

Chapter 2 - Starter TOEIC

The tests in Chapter 2 are arranged in the order related to Chapter 1 to help readers refine their knowledge more firmly.

3. Chapter 3: Practice Test

The Practice Test provides students with structured tests like the real test, which consists of 100 questions per listening (LC) and reading (RC) sections.

However, the level of the test in part 3 is still consistent with the level of the target audience of the book as a beginner, not too complicated like the real exam.

4. Chapter 4: Support

This is the final chapter of the book including Transcript, Answer Key and test paper for the practice test. It can be said that this chapter does not contain knowledge or tests but is a complement to the three above sections.

Chapter 4 has additional tips for taking the test that is very useful and effective.

III. How to use the book

In order to take full advantage of this book, you should study the grammar carefully and master the basic vocabulary that often appears on the TOEIC test so that you will not be surprised and interrupted while studying.

► First, for the listening section: absolutely do not preview the transcript. Try to listen at least 3 times before you check the answer and listen again by transcript to avoid being dependent on the transcript as well as your ears can get used to the intonation, the correct timbre of the pronunciation, thereby leading to improved listening skills.

► Second with reading: after checking the answer, you should review again and find out why this sentence is the answer, to understand more about the topic of grammar, remember more vocabulary and lesson efficiency. Don’t just check the answers and fold the books!


Above are the guidelines you need to know before you start conquering this holy Starter TOEIC book. You can download books and audio files here:  

➥ Link to download PDF + Audio: Download here

Or you can download each file here:

PDF file: Download
Audio File: Download

However, studying this textbook alone is not sufficient to achieve a high score of TOEIC. Wiki Study English recommends that you study the following books in the same series with Starter TOEIC to improve your score:

✓ Developing Skills book for the TOEIC Test – Level 250 – 500 TOEIC

✓ Target Toeic Book – Level 500 – 750 TOEIC

✓ TOEIC Analyst – Level 500 – 750 TOEIC

Wish you all good study with Starer TOEIC that Wiki Study English has shared!

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The ETS 2020 TOEIC Test is the latest updated set of 2020 questions compiled and compiled based on the new TOEIC format, which is one of the most important and important materials for anyone who wants to practice TOEIC.

Certainly, for TOEIC learners, ETS is not a strange name, ETS TOEIC and the legendary Economy TOEIC are the best sources of TOEIC standard format for all TOEIC students to practice before entering the official TOEIC exam.

With the content of 10 TOEIC topics in the new format, with answers and tapescript, Our team is continuing to solve the details and will update to this article!

– ETS: abbreviation Educational Testing Service (American Educational Testing Service) is a non-profit educational organization operating for the advancement and fairness of education through the research and compilation of testing programs, Large-scale language assessment, including tests that are widely accepted around the world such as TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE, SAT. Therefore, the published ETS TOEIC books are definitely quality documents for you to have the best TOEIC test set!
The ETS Toeic 1000 series is one of the EIC TOEIC exam books compiled by ETS authorized for those who are preparing for the TOEIC test who want to practice more. The kit includes the most relevant groups of TOEIC content and current structure to help you can test your level and become familiar with the format of the TOEIC.
With the reputation of the book, you absolutely can rely on the support of this useful book.

The package includes 3 books: ETS Reading 1000, ETS Listening 1000 and ETS key + tapescript. The level of these two TOEIC Test books is 99% similar to the actual test, so the ETS book is always the choice of all TOEIC classmates. The voice and speed in the LC include many voices of characters from different countries, this is a good opportunity for TOEIC test takers to not be surprised by the different pronunciation of the questions in the lesson. TOEIC Listening test.

Link download books

► ETS Reading 2020: Download
► ETS Listening 2020: Download


Each day makes a topic follow these steps:

Step 1: Seriously take the test in 2 hours like the actual post
Step 2: After you finish checking the answer and record it to track your level
Step 3: Review the wrong sentences and indiscriminate sentences, record knowledge, why they are wrong, and record new vocabulary.
* For listening section, listen to the wrong sentences many times, if not, open tapescript and watch again.
Step 4: Repeat the question one week or half a month later and compare the results with the first: double check the sentences that are wrong.

Download ETS Update 2020:Download

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